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Best Cabo San Lucas Restaurant Recommendations 1

Cabo San Lucas is one of Mexico’s most popular vacation hotspots, and as such it’s no surprise that you can find food from all around the world in restaurants of all descriptions and sizes. Certainly you can get Chinese, Italian, and Indian food here, but it’s the small family-run restaurants which showcase food from the […]

Marina And Downtown Cabo San Lucas

Cabo’s Regional Cuisine

Cabo’s Regional Cuisine

Villa Group resorts offers its members some of the best locations in Mexico, with Cabo San Lucas standing proud amongst its offerings. Besides a whole host of activities and fabulous reasons for staying in Cabo San Lucas, its regional cuisine is certainly something that has kept members coming back year after year. Cabo’s Regional Cuisine […]

Villa Group’s Eco-Friendly Award in Cabo

The Villa Group’s prized resorts in Cabo San Lucas have recently been rewarded for their eco-friendly efforts by TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders Program. The Villa Group’s Eco-Friendly award in Cabo makes the group one of the first to receive this prestigious award. TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders Program TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders Program is new and it classifies all […]

Villa Group’s Eco-Friendly Award in Cabo

Villa Preferred Access Club Points

Spending Villa Preferred Access Club Points

Have you wondered about your options when making a reservation with your Villa Preferred Access Club points? If you haven’t, then you should. There are so many ways to spend your Villa Preferred Access club points. If you would like to escape for the weekend with your partner or even plan a vacation with family […]

Cabo Fun – Swim with Dolphins 1

Most people will have wanted to swim with dolphins at some point in their life, or will have even toyed with the idea of learning to train these stunning creatures… but few people ever go out of their way to make these dreams a reality. Well, when you vacation in Cabo San Lucas there are […]

Cabo Fun - Swim with Dolphins