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Rescission Laws for Timeshares in Mexico

Are you looking into the rescission laws currently in place for timeshares in Mexico? If so you will find out all you need to know regarding timeshare cancellations in Mexico and the laws that guide the rescission period. Rescission laws for timeshares in Mexico Rescission laws were brought into force for timeshares in Mexico to […]

Timeshares in Mexico

Villa del Palmar Timeshare Complaints

Villa del Palmar Timeshare Complaints that are False

There is truth behind every tale that is told. Sometimes you need to look a little deeper to discover what the reality is of any situation. Recently the timeshare industry has been rocked by scams trying to discredit established reputable timeshare companies, publishing false complaints and defamatory material. Thankfully, we have been able to compile […]

Advice for Cancelling a Villa del Palmar Timeshare

Are you seeking some sound advice for cancelling a Villa del Palmar timeshare? Perhaps you are having cold feet about your recent purchase, or maybe you have been talking about it with cautious friends who think that all timeshares are a scam. No matter your reasons, you have come to the right place for advice. […]

Advice for Cancelling a Villa del Palmar Timeshare

Cancelling timeshare contract

Do You Really Want to Cancel Your Timeshare? 1

Do you really want to cancel your timeshare? If you do, then here is what you should do: When you are thinking about canceling your timeshare, one of the first things that you should do is go over the reasons why. Do you have cold feet, are others influencing your decision, or are you just […]

Should I cancel my Villa del Palmar Timeshare Contract?

Here at the Villa Group, we want you to make the best decision for you and your family, and only you know the answer to whether you should cancel your Villa del Palmar timeshare contract based on your personal financial circumstances. The benefits of owning timeshare membership at a Villa del Palmar resort are many […]

Should I cancel my Villa del Palmar Timeshare Contract?