10 Reasons to Join Villa Preferred Access (especially #4)

Villa Preferred Access is the name given to the vacation club at Villa del Palmar resorts owned and operated by the Villagroup. Villa Preferred Access is a much more versatile and owner-friendly version of the timeshare model. Rather than buying specific weeks in a particular room, you buy the equivalent points that can be used in a much more flexible manner, as you will see below.

10 Reasons to Join Villa Preferred Access

Villa preferred access benefits- villa del palmar cancun

1 – Top Mexican Destinations

Villa Preferred Access means that you can visit any of the resorts managed by the Villa Group so long as you have enough points to cover the room type and resort. This means that you can use your Villa Preferred Access membership to stay in Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cancun and the Islands of Loréto.

2 – Spacious Accommodations

Accommodations offered by the Villagroup to Villa Preferred Access members are spacious and much larger than standard hotel rooms, even the entry level rooms. Suites are much like condos with kitchens, dining rooms and living areas, and your Villa Preferred Access points can be banked and borrowed to cover upgraded suites in accordance with your membership.

3 – Pay for the Time you want to spend in your timeshare

The benefits of a vacation club type membership like Villa Preferred Access in comparison to full ownership of a vacation home is that you only buy the time you wish to spend in your second home. Full ownership involves large maintenance fees and most of the year your property is sat empty.

4 – Flexibility

Perhaps the best benefit to buying Villa Preferred Access membership is the flexibility it brings to your vacation ownership plans. You can choose which dates, locations and accommodation types according to your points allocation and are not limited to staying in the same resort every year, unless you chose to do so. You can have a larger suite one year and a smaller suite the next, stay for a longer period one year and only a weekend the next etc – the choice is all in your hands with Villa Preferred Access at Villa del Palmar resorts.

5 – Savings

Over time, you will see the financial benefits of your timeshare investment with Villa Preferred Access. In comparison to renting a hotel room, you will make great savings and the rate of inflation means that your future vacations will have a lower relative cost year after year.

6 – Vacations Guaranteed

Owning a timeshare or Villa Preferred Access membership with the Villagroup means that you can take a vacation every year to spend quality time with friends and family. Having pre-paid for your membership is also an incentive to travel.

7 – Stress Free Vacations

Belonging to Villa Preferred Access makes vacations hassle free. You are part of a club whose business is to make sure your have the best vacations years after year. All arrangements can be made over the telephone or online and you don’t have to worry about repairing and maintaining your property because that is all included in your maintenance fees.

8 – Points to Pay for other services

Villa Preferred Access membership allows you to use your timeshare points towards services other than your accommodations. You can spend points on all inclusive meal plans, special services and spa treatments.

9 – Banking and Borrowing Points

The points allocated to Villa Preferred Access members each year can be banked for following years. If you don’t use all your points one year, you can save them for the next year. Likewise, you can borrow points to top up one year or stay in an upgraded accommodation.

10 – Safe Investment

Finally, but perhaps most importantly for those who are new to timeshare, the Villagroup boast over 30 years in the timeshare business and are continuing to expand their inventory of resorts and services. It is a safe investment for both couples looking to buy a timeshare for the first time and those wishing to add to their options.

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