10 Ways to Make Your Timeshare in Mexico Romantic

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Buying a timeshare in Mexico with Villa Group can open up a world of experiences for you and your loved ones. Romantic getaways, honeymoons, anniversaries and weddings are just some of the ways you can make your timeshare in Mexico form part of your most cherished memories. Imagine walking hand in hand along the Malecon for sunset in Puerto Vallarta, enjoying a couples massage at the most impressive and largest spa in Los Cabos at the Villa del Palmar Cabo’s Desert Spa, dining next to the beach in a private dinner for two in Cancun or joining your partner on a two-man glass-bottom kayak to explore the Islands of Loréto.

In Mexico, it is easy to show that special someone in your life how much you care and adore them when you are surrounded by the beauty and scenery of one of the stunning vacation locations where your Villa Group timeshare membership is valid. You can make your timeshare in Mexico more romantic with these simple tips:

  1. Enjoy the music that Mexico has to offer
  2. Mexico is known for having the best and most talented musicians. In many of the Villa Group timeshare resorts in Mexico, you can enjoy musicians in the resort and even organize to have them serenade you with amazing romantic songs. All you have to do is look into your partner’s eyes and enjoy the music that will surely warm your heart.

  3. Spa Experiences Made for Two!
  4. A spa experience made for two will provide you and your partner with a romantic encounter you will never forget. The best spa massages will leave you wanting to be close to your partner. All of the resorts offered by Villa Group for timeshare in Mexico are spa resorts with world class spa services, which feature couples massages and special romantic rituals on their menus.

  5. Indulge in a bubble bath
  6. There is nothing more romantic than a bubble bath. If you can both fit in, couples should take a bubble bath to relieve all stress. All of the Villa Group resort options for timeshare in Mexico offer many different suites that include whirlpool tubs perfect for a bubble bath, many of which have large outdoor jacuzzis too. Just add champagne and some strawberries, and watch the sparks ignite.

  7. Lay in a hammock
  8. Laying together in a hammock for two with the breeze is amazing. No matter if it is day or night a hammock date is romantic. All of the Villa Group suites available for timeshare in Mexico, from the smallest to the largest units, have hammocks.

  9. Energize your Love with the Sun
  10. Mexico’s warm tropical climate, clear skies and sunny days create the best sunsets and sunrises, so snuggle up with your partner and watch the sunset or sunrise, depending on which coast you find yourself.

  11. Stay in and order room service
  12. All of Villa Group’s resorts for timeshare in Mexico offer room service, so why not order from the room service menu so that you and your partner can stay in and have a romantic evening together. You will even find that Villa Group’s larger timeshare suites with kitchens offer the service of a private chef who will come to your suite to prepare a truly special romantic dinner.

  13. A walk along the beach is the perfect for romance
  14. At Villa Group resorts in Mexico, there is no end to the fun you can have walking the coastline. Each resort has access to its own beach, meaning that romantic sunset or sunrise strolls are the perfect pastime for couples looking to rekindle that spark.

  15. Candlelit Dinners
  16. Most of the Villa Group Resorts offer an additional service to set up a romantic dinner for two on or next to the beach. When staying at your Villa Group timeshare in Mexico, ask the concierge upon arrival to book a romantic dinner for two.

  17. Take in an adventure for added romance.
  18. Mexico offers all kinds of exciting tours, and you and your partner can take an adventure for added romance. Ask at the tour operator office at the resorts for more information.

  20. Every resort has a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. You should put up that sign, so you can have a romantic time alone without being disturbed.

Who knew that Villa Group timeshare in Mexico could be so romantic!

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