Key Advice to Avoid a Timeshare Resale Scam

While it is true there are timeshare scammers and resellers out there, don’t let that discourage you from purchasing a genuine timeshare membership in Mexico. There are many genuine and legitimate choices available including timeshares from The Villa Group. The Villa Group has numerous satisfied timeshare owners that overjoyed with their timeshare purchase investment and our owners regularly enjoy many wonderful vacations in Mexico at The Villa Group resorts. Despite this, there are timeshare scammers and resellers out there who want to take advantage of our happy timeshare owners and have gone as far as creating fake companies to scam our unsuspecting timeshare owners into believing that they are a legitimate timeshare consulting company. We want you to protect yourself from becoming a victim of these unscrupulous timeshare scammers and resellers by reading our advice below.

Beware of Timeshare Scammers and Resellers

A new approach that is affecting our loyal timeshare owners is brought on by devious timeshare scammers and resellers. They are targeting The Villa Group timeshare owners by offering them reselling or cancellation services that they simply cannot provide. These timeshare scammers and resellers are even telling our timeshare owners that they can upgrade their timeshare membership with their company, and even claim to have a buyer ready to purchase their old timeshare. The way to identify these scammers is that they will ask you to pay an upfront fee. A major red flag is raised when they ask for the upfront fee, so stay cautious and avoid any dealings with the scammers so you can protect your hard earned timeshare investment.

Timeshare Consultants to Avoid

A timeshare scammer, reseller, and consultant company operating under the name of “Resort Consultant Advocates” has claimed to work with the (ARDA) American Resort Development Association, when in fact this is not true. Consequently, the ARDA released a warning about timeshare scammers, resellers, and consultants company including Resort Consultant Advocates to advise legitimate timeshare owners that they are in fact, not associated with the ARDA at all. Unfortunately, “Resort Consultant Advocates” has already scammed some of our beloved timeshare owners by telling them that they have buyers that want to take over their timeshare membership. The scammers even went as far as to make up illegal sales contracts with a false “100% Guarantee” to instill confidence in our unsuspecting timeshare owners. The timeshare owners went ahead and paid an upfront fee and sadly, never heard from the consultant scammers again.

Fraudulent Resellers

Unfortunately, “Resort Consulting Advocates” is only one of many fraudulent resellers and timeshare scammers that are posing as genuine timeshare companies so that The Villa Group and other legitimate timeshare owners will use their fraudulent services unknowingly. Fraudulent resellers and timeshare scammers attempt to avoid prosecution by regularly changing their company name to throw off the authorities and confuse timeshare owners. Many timeshare owners often never know that they have been scammed until it’s too late. Remember, if you are ever contacted by a timeshare rental, resale, and cancellation company please be aware and stay cautious. We highly recommend you avoid these type of companies at all costs so you and your Villa Group timeshare investment are protected. Please contact the Villa Group directly if you ever need to make a complaint or voice any concerns. Never involve a third party company as they are likely only trying to scam you.

The Aftermath of a Scam

If you have unknowingly paid an upfront fee to a potential scammer, and only found out later that you have been scammed, please contact The Villa Group directly and share your story. By letting us know what happened, we will do our best to prevent the same scam from occurring to other timeshare members. We also suggest you contact the local authorities, the state attorney general, and the Better Business Bureau and file a claim and an official complaint. Let’s all work together to prevent innocent timeshare owners from becoming victims.
In conclusion, if you are ever asked to pay an upfront fee, it is probably a scam. Any third party resale company that claims to provide assistance to you and requires you to pay an upfront fee, then this company is almost certainly a scam. Take plenty of time to research any company that offers timeshare services because many of these companies are pure scammers. Contact The Villa Group directly if you ever need the assistance of any kind relating to your timeshare investment. Please, do not put your investment at risk of being scammed. Protect your beloved Villa Group timeshare investment and keep your secure money by staying away from timeshare scammers and resellers.

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