Are timeshare and Vacation Club memberships Still Worth it?

If you do not take regular vacations, you might be forgiven for thinking that timeshare and vacation clubs are a thing of the past. Among those of us who vacation on a regular basis, it is clear that timeshare and vacation club memberships are still worth it; often making great savings.

Just for good measure, here are 10 reasons why timeshare and vacation club memberships are still worth it:

  1. You save money on future vacations by buying a timeshare or joining a vacation club at today’s prices. For one initial lump payment (which can be by credit card or cash), you are effectively investing in cheaper vacations in the future.
  2. Accommodations at timeshare and vacation club resorts are generally much larger than standard hotel rooms. Many come with cooking facilities, which can save you money on dining out.
  3. The timeshare and vacation club market has moved into the luxury resort market, so you can find really amazing hotels and resorts that now offer timeshare, being able to exchange your timeshare weeks for locations all over the world.
  4. Most forward-thinking timeshare and vacation clubs have switched to a points based system rather than fixed week timeshares. Points give you greater flexibility over when and how long you stay at your timeshare. You purchase points equivalent for a week in your chosen unit and can then use them towards different size accommodations for different lengths of time.
  5. Being part of a vacation club or owning a timeshare makes it easier (and therefore more likely) for you to take regular vacations. Statistics show that owners of timeshares are more likely to take regular vacations than non-owners.
  6. You save time when you don’t have to search on the internet and compare prices for the best deals on accommodations. No more sleepless nights finding the lowest pieces.
  7. You can enjoy guaranteed quality when you purchase from a reputable company. There is no danger of you arriving to a hotel and being disappointed. You know what to expect.
  8. Members often enjoy special privileges at the resort where they have their timeshare and vacation club memberships. You will be made to feel extra special.
  9. You can exchange your home resort timeshare weeks for destinations all over the world.
  10. Timeshare companies and vacation clubs often provide additional help and concierge services to help you with elements like car hire, airport transfers etc.

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