Avoid a Scam – Beware Mexican Timeshare Solutions

We want to warn our valuable members and potential clients about the timeshare scam operated by Mexican Timeshare Solutions.

Mexican Timeshare Solutions

Unfortunately, Mexican Timeshare Solutions makes unsupportable promises and false claims in order to take money from our loyal members. We are in the process of seeking legal action against Mexican Timeshare Solutions in order to protect our members and potential clients. We are advising our devoted members to report any unsolicited contact from Mexican Timeshare Solutions to help us protect our current and potential members and build a case against Mexican Timeshare Solutions. Please promptly let us know if you are contacted by Mexican Timeshare Solutions.

False claims

Mexican Timeshare Solutions has made a number of false claims against the Villa Group’s brands, resorts and clubs including Villa del Palmar, Villa del Arco, Villa Preferred Access, Universal Vacation Club and even UVC International. In an era where anyone can publish false claims on the internet, we are vigilantly protecting our faithful members and products to make sure that scams are not using our good reputation and popularity as a leading Mexican timeshare company in order to take money from our members and potential members in return for false promises and dubious services.

No need to panic

The dangers of the Mexican Timeshare Solutions scam for vigilant timeshare members and potential members are minimal. You do not need to do anything except be aware of any dealings with Mexican Timeshare Solutions. We are taking all necessary steps to protect the value and good name of the Villa Group’s timeshare membership.

Avoid a scam

As a means of protecting yourself from timeshare scams, just bear in mind this simple rule of thumb: if you are contacted by a company that claims it can lawfully cancel your timeshare membership after the initial cooling off period has passed, that individual is highly likely to be promoting a timeshare scam, and is most likely tying to take your money. Don’t fall for the scam!

If in doubt, contact us!

It is unfortunate but the number of timeshare and vacation club scams is growing. To protect our timeshare members, we have taken steps to carefully monitor and retaliate against these timeshare cancellation scams. For that reason, we ask that if you ever have any doubt about whether some timeshare offer or cancellation services is a scam or legitimate, just contact us and we will be happy to provide the best advice possible to protect you.
If you have any experiences with Mexican Timeshare Solutions, please let us know so we can better protect you and your fellow members. Likewise, leave us a comment.

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