Airport Transfers: How to Avoid a Scam

Imagine the scenario… you have just bought a fabulous vacation package at one of the popular hotels in Mexico or maybe you are have purchased a timeshare membership and it is your second home that you love to go to. While you are planning your vacation you also book your transportation from the airport to your hotel to make sure you don’t pay high fares on taxis. You may even be a lucky timeshare member who enjoys transportation from the airport to the hotel without any cost. Great so far …
When you arrive at the airport, you look out for someone to greet you and take you to your transportation. A kind face says hello to you and asks if you are looking for your transfer. You will naturally say yes, and follow them to the transport area where you will be ushered into a vehicle and taken to your hotel. When you arrive, you are charged for the fare. What?! How can this be, when you have pre-paid your transport already? You have been scammed!

Beware of Airport Transfers: How to Avoid a Scam

You can become a victim of airport transfer scams easily if you don’t pay attention to the confirmation information that the transport company sends you. There are timeshare marketers that purposely target innocent tourists that are arriving in Mexico at the busiest airports. These marketers will make you believe that they are the transport company that are waiting for your arrival, then they will take you to the transport area that is located outside of the airport terminal building. You think that this is the transport company that you hired or was provided by the timeshare company, and you arrive to your hotel to only find out that you have to pay for your transportation. You have just been scammed by an airport transfer. A competitor company has picked you up and taken you to your hotel.

Airport Transfers: How to Avoid a Scam
Before you get on your flight to Mexico you should take down the transport company’s name along with the reservation information. You should have all of this information written down or even stored into your smartphone, and remember to keep your smartphone charged. When you get off of the airplane you should have the information available, then you should look out for the transport company’s logo when an agent approaches you. The agent should be wearing a uniform that shows the logo and the name of the transport company, and you should ask the agent to show you the reservations list with your name on it.

If You Were Scammed, then You Should Do the Following:
If you arrived to your hotel and found out that you have been scammed, then you should take the information of the transport company that provided you with unsolicited services, and you should make sure that you have the name of the agent as well, then report them with the police and the airport authorities. Every transport agent must obtain a permit to work in the airports in Mexico, so you should be able to spot the scammers with ease, and this will keep you from being scammed in the future. The police or the airport authorities may be able to retrieve your money too.

The tips that were provided may help you to avoid airport transfers and keep you from being scammed.

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