Avoid Cabo San Lucas Timeshare Presentation Scams

It should be relatively easy to avoid Cabo San Lucas timeshare presentation scams, especially in today’s day and age where there are more regulations to protect consumers in Mexico. The regulations governing time share in Cabo San Lucas and other vacation destinations seek to protect visitors from fraudulent sellers and timeshare scams.

Timeshare presentation scams are not that common in Cabo, thanks to a great clean up operation targeting unauthorized sellers and promoters working on Cabo’s streets. However, there are some key points to consider to avoid Cabo San Lucas timeshare presentation scams.


1. Choose a Reputable Company
This may sound like common sense, but try to attend timeshare presentations at timeshare resorts or chains that have a sound reputation. Just by asking around in restaurants and bars, you will get a sense of whether the company is a reliable.

2. Only Buy at the Timeshare Resort
Avoid Cabo San Lucas timeshare presentation scams by only buying while you are at the resort with the official timeshare seller. You are in danger of a Cabo San Lucas timeshare presentation scam if you attend a presentation at a location other than the resort you are being sold. There were cases in the past where bogus sellers would try and sell non-existence time share units in non existent resorts.

3. Beware Flashy Gifts
Another way to avoid Cabo San Lucas timeshare presentation scams is to beware any timeshare presentation that is offering a gift that seems too good to be true. Often disreputable timeshare companies will lure you with the idea of extravagant gifts and then charge you a hefty postage fee or taxes. Some timeshare scams even involve you having to pay to enter a prize draw to be able to win your “free” gift.

4. Only Accept Invites from Official Time Share Promoters
Timeshare promoters who have permission to work on the streets in Cabo to invite you to a legitimate timeshare presentation need to have permission from the local council. Timeshare promoters should have an identification card that shows they have permission to invite you to a timeshare presentation.

With these simple steps, it should be easy to avoid Cabo San Lucas timeshare presentation scams.

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