How to Avoid Mexican Timeshare Scams

Would you like to know important information about Mexican Timeshare Solutions? Perhaps you’ve heard a lot about investing in Mexico timeshares and want to know how to tell who is legitimate and who is not? Mexican Timeshare Solutions receives money by running timeshare scams, and they are timeshare cancellation scammers. To confuse their victims, they even use genuine company names. For instance, they often try to convince some of our existing timeshare members that they can provide them with a service that they are unable to perform. You don’t want to become the next victim to a timeshare scam, do you? Read below, so you can learn how to avoid Mexican timeshare scams.

Mexican Timeshare Solutions – Who Are They?

Unsatisfied couple about Mexican Timeshare Solutions timeshare scam.
Mexican Timeshare Solutions is a company that scams people by offering them a cancellation service that they cannot legally provide. They look for current timeshare members who are interested in getting out of their vacation club membership. Then, they tell them they can help cancel their timeshare contract for a fee. However, for all timeshare contracts, the only time that a member can legally cancel their timeshare contact is during the cooling off period. This occurs in the days immediately after the membership contract has been signed. After that time has expired, nobody can cancel their timeshare contract legally. Despite this fact, Mexican Timeshare Solutions tries to make members be afraid along with even telling them that legit timeshare providers are not genuine, so they can scam people.

Villa Group Timeshare Scam

For instance, timeshare scammers have been known to provide false information about a provider that is legitimate such as The Villa Group Resorts. The truth is, we at the Villa Group are proud to be one of the top and respected Mexico vacation clubs. Mexican Timeshare Solutions will tell members that the Villa Group are scammers, which is completely false. Unfortunately, some of our unsuspecting members will believe them, and pay the fee only to become the next scam victim. Before you get scammed, make sure you research any company that is trying to contact you. Better advice is only working with your existing timeshare provider. Don’t listen to Mexican Timeshare Solutions, because they are not able to cancel your membership for you. Remember, avoid scammers as no cancellation companies can cancel your membership once the cooling off period has passed.

Villa Group Timeshare Memberships

Villa Group timeshare ownership is an investment that brings unlimited joy to many people’s lives. Our company’s mission and goal is to provide excellent services with integrity at all times. As a result, our vacation club memberships are very popular with smart travelers who want to be treated right. Being a timeshare member with the Villa Group Resorts means you will be prepaying for all of your future vacations, but at today’s low rates. You will be able to schedule vacation time for you and your loved ones where you will make memories that will last a lifetime! You can’t put a price on loving family memories. To become one of our members with the Villa Group timeshare, you will have to attend a sales presentation at one of our lovely resorts, and you will get a full tour of the property, too. Next, you will have to sign our membership contract which includes information about the cooling off period, which is the time period in which you can legally cancel after your contract was signed. Remember, this is the only time that you can cancel your membership.

Villa Group Timeshare Membership Scams

The Villa Group timeshare is a genuine vacation club that has nearly four decades in the resort industry. The ARDA (American Resort Development Association) has recognized the Villa Group Resorts as a legitimate vacation club provider. If you have read somewhere that they are scammers, then it is probably coming from a scamming cancellation company like Mexican Timeshare Solutions. They like to lie and spread false information, so they can scam unsuspecting timeshare members. The reality is that the Villa Group timeshare program provides amazing vacations and has thousands of satisfied members. They have nine beautiful resorts in the most sought out Mexican destinations that members can visit.

Vacation Destinations in Mexico

Are you interested in learning about the vacation destinations in Mexico you can visit as a Villa Group timeshare owner? If so, then you will be thrilled to know they have resorts in Islands of Loreto, Riviera Nayarit, Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun. The resorts have comfortable suites and amazing amenities, which includes several pools, soothing spas, onsite dining, and so much more. Remember, you should avoid Mexican Timeshare Solutions, because they are wanting to scam you!
You should avoid Mexican timeshare scams like the Mexican Timeshare Solutions. Instead, you should only work with legitimate providers such as the Villa Group timeshare!
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