Benefits of Villa Group Vacation Ownership

The term vacation ownership implies all levels of second home ownership from full ownership to vacation clubs. The Villa Group offers a wide range of vacation ownership options from full and fractional ownership on offer with its Villa la Estancia brand as well as the popular timeshare and vacation club programs such as Villa Preferred Access offered at the Villa del Palmar resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Loreto, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.

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The benefits of the Villa Group vacation ownership are many, of which excellent quality, an impeccable reputation and value for money all feature.


Value for Money

Having accumulated nearly 30 years of experience developing, operating and expanding its timeshare resorts, the Villa Group promise excellent value for money and guaranteed quality. Vacation ownership with the Villa Group is like becoming part of a family where you benefit from the experience and money saving ways of the operator, which ensure that quality is not scarified for low costs. In addition, Mexico’s lower labor costs and reasonably priced materials mean that savings can be passed on to vacation owners.

Amazing Destinations

The Villa Group choose only the top vacation destinations to develop its vacation ownership programs. Thanks to extensive research and unbeatable expertise in selecting the right destinations to launch its resorts, the Villa Group promise vacation ownership in the very best beach destinations in Mexico. You can invest in Villa Group vacation ownership in Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Cancun and Loreto, with new projects on the horizon.



The Villa Group have developed vacation ownership programs that favour flexibility and ease to ensure that vacation ownership is as simple and as open as possible. Villa Preferred Access was introduced to extend the flexibility that timeshare owners experienced at its Villa del Palmar resorts. Vacation Ownership through Villa Preferred Access is managed by points rather than fixed weeks. In this way you can divide your points as you like, opting for smaller accommodations for less time or upgraded suites for a shorter period. You are also able to spend points on services such as all inclusive plans and spa services depending on your vacation ownership membership.

A Sound Lifestyle Investment

More importantly, choosing to investing in vacation ownership with the Villa Group is a sound move. You can be sure of its excellent reputation for quality and the stability that comes with investing in an established timeshare and leisure company. The range of properties within the group continues to grow, adding more and more value to your initial investment.

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