When are Upgrades the Best Timeshare Solution? (Today)

This week’s post is all about whether or not you should upgrade your timeshare membership in order to solve any problems with the usage you might be having.

When are upgrades the best timeshare solution?

Some timeshare owners (particularly new members) find that their level of membership makes it hard for them to make the most of their timeshare, leading them in search of the best timeshare solution. Perhaps they don’t have enough points to cover their desired stay, or the suite size available to them no longer suits their growing family’s needs. At this point many people become convinced that the only timeshare solution is to sell or try (without success) to cancel the membership, which makes members vulnerable to scammers, as it is not possible or legal to cancel a timeshare after the cooling off period. However, did you know that upgrading your membership could be a much better way to handle this situation? For sure upgrades can be the best timeshare solution for many people.

I can’t use my timeshare, therefore it must be a scam!

Some of the complaints that you’ll see on the internet about timeshares will undoubtedly focus on the fact that the person was sold a timeshare that he or she, seemingly cannot use, and this will generally be caused by the fact that they have taken up the lowest level membership available. This means that they can only order the most popular units, which are in high demand and often hard to reserve unless you book in advance. When holding this level of membership you could be looking at booking a minimum of two years in advance.
When you first purchased your timeshare you would have been at a disadvantage; other members will already have booked the most popular unit types and dates; this has often led to people feeling that they have fallen for a scam, and set them in search of the best timeshare solution. These clients sometimes take to forums where they are caught by cancellation scammers who play on their fears and offer fake cancellation services (for a fee of course). If they would only consider an upgrade, their problems might be solved.

Upgrades – the best timeshare solution?

What’s the best solution, in these instances then? When you have bought from a reputable timeshare company which offers flexibility, one of the best timeshare solutions is to consider upgrading your membership. Upgrading will allow you greater flexibility and choice, just be sure that you are upgrading rather than buying a second membership which runs alongside the first. This is a common pitfall when you attend a presentation at a resort other than you current timeshare resort. Also, do not let yourself be fooled into thinking that another company will buy your old timeshare to upgrade it; you’ll only end up paying for two.

Alternatives to upgrades

Other alternatives to upgrading for timeshare solutions include banking your points for future use until you have enough to give you the kind of vacation that you desire. You can also borrow points from future years. Or, if you wish, you could reserve any week available and seek to exchange it through a network like Interval International or RCI.

The key to successful timeshare membership

There are many ways in which you can make a success of your timeshare membership and view it as an ongoing investment in experiences which can grow if and when your finances do. Once you have become a member the best timeshare solution is to keep the best level of membership you can; this way you will be investing in amazing vacations with your family tomorrow at today’s prices!

Beware timeshare cancellation companies

Be very wary of “timeshare solution” companies which claim to offer you a free consultation in regards to cancelling your timeshare contract, especially if they claim to be able to recover any funds for you. If you are no longer within the legal recission period, you cannot simply cancel and get a refund, and if you are within this cooling period you don’t need their help at all!
By and large, timeshare cancellation companies and individuals are a scam; if you have an issue with your membership talk first and foremost to your provider. In most cases, the best timeshare solution is to upgrade your membership.

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