Beware Villa del Palmar Resales

Are you thinking about purchasing a Villa del Palmar Resale?

Although a Villa del Palmar timeshare resale can seem like a very attractive option, the timeshare resale market has many pitfalls that you should take into consideration before purchasing a resale Villa del Palmar timeshare.

Firstly, you should ensure that the contract you sign for your Villa del Palmar resale is genuine and that the seller has the legals rights to the timeshare membership. Next, you should make sure you are aware of what benefits are or are not included in the resale contract. In many cases, Villa del Palmar timeshare resale purchases do not carry the same members’ benefits as when you buy direct from the developer.

Also, you should check to see that the number of years left on the contact matches what you have been sold. There have been cases where buyers think they are purchasing a membership with 10 years left on the original contract when there are only 2 years remaining!

You should also remember that The Villagroup and its affiliates do not sell Villa del Palmar resales and are not responsible for the details of any contract that you sign with a resale agent. Any issues you have with the terms of your Villa del Palmar resale contract must be discussed with the resale agent.

Have you been approached about selling your Villa del Palmar timeshare?

Selling your Villa del Palmar timeshare if you decide to do so is relatively simply, the only real danger occurs when you have no intention of selling your Villa del Palmar timeshare and you are approached by a resale agent out of the blue. In these cases, you are most probably going to be scammed for an introduction fee to a fake buyer who is offering a super price for your unit. Don’t trust these offers unless you have solicited this information. The safest option is to use an agent that charges commission rather than a joining fee.

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