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Online timeshare payment

Read This! Always Make Your Timeshare Payments

Are you a timeshare member? If so, do you know what the consequences are if you default on your membership contract? If you don’t make your payments as you promised when you signed your contract, then severe consequences may happen. A negative credit score is just one of the long […]

Puerto Vallarta church downtown

Greener Puerto Vallarta – Local Efforts to Reduce Litter

Natural beauty, stunning beaches, interesting history, and delicious cuisine are just a few things Mexico is known for. As a result, it’s no surprise that so many visitors come to Mexico each year for their vacation. In fact, many individuals decide to buy a timeshare unit so they can guarantee […]

Villa la Estancia Cabo San Lucas Vacation Club experience

Reasons to Join a Mexico Vacation Club

Are you wondering how to make the most of your downtime? Many people really enjoy traveling and exploring the world. While saving money is very important, getting out and exploring the world has many important benefits, too. Have you been considering joining a vacation club in Mexico? If so, it […]

View of Land’s End and El Arco from villa del palmar cabo san lucas

Vacation in Cabo San Lucas! 2021 Travel Options

2021 is here and it’s time to enjoy a dream vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Mexico is open and welcoming visitors who are ready to rest and relax in paradise. Are you ready to plan a wonderful getaway to Cabo San Lucas? If so, check out the Villa del Palmar […]

Relaxing Beach Holidays

Tips to Promote Relaxation in 2021

The unprecedented impacts of the COVID pandemic have been challenging for many people. Isolation and social distancing requirements can be hard on people’s mental and emotional states. The truth is, humans aren’t used to being isolated from others. In fact, a lack of personal connection can significantly affect our overall […]

Beach family vacations

Timeshare Ownership in Mexico

It is very important that you enjoy fantastic vacations with your family and friends on a regular basis. Especially after the challenging 2020 year, quality moments with loved ones is a top priority. It can be hard to make time to spend with family and friends because modern life is […]