Cabo Fun – Swim with Dolphins

Most people will have wanted to swim with dolphins at some point in their life, or will have even toyed with the idea of learning to train these stunning creatures… but few people ever go out of their way to make these dreams a reality. Well, when you vacation in Cabo San Lucas there are literally dozens of opportunities to do just that as Cabo is full of dolphin experience centers.

Swim with Dolphins in Los Cabos

There are a large number of reputable companies offering this experience in and around Cabo San Lucas, and they offer a huge variety of exciting programs that cater to all dolphin lovers. Many of these programs will allow you to interact with these creatures directly, and even learn how to communicate with them a little… this is an experience you won’t soon forget!

Here are our top programs to enjoy when meeting dolphins in Los Cabos:

Swim and Ride Experience

Popular with families of all ages and sizes in Los Cabos, this activity is a good mixed bag of features. You’ll be taught a little about Dolphin physiology and anatomy, as well as what makes them unique, before you climb into the pool with them. Once you enter the water you’ll be able to hug and kiss your new companion before taking a belly ride around the pool. This activity is sure to delight any dolphin lover.

Dolphin Kids

Designed for children between the ages of 4 and 9, this program allows them to see how playful and curious these magical mammals are in a safe and controlled environment. They will get to hug, kiss, and interact with the dolphin before taking a belly ride around the pool… magical!

Dolphin Encounter

If you’d rather not get wet you can sign up for the Dolphin Encounter package which will let you get up close and personal without the swimming element. You’ll learn about their biology, the history of the Bottlenose Dolphin, and how they communicate underwater. You’ll also get to stroke them, try out some hand-signals, and feed them some fishy treats.

Trainer For a Day

This is the ultimate experience for people who have always wanted to train dolphins because you won’t be a guest, but one of the team for the day! This means that you will work with some of the dolphin trainers, learn about the dolphins and how to care for them, and perform some of the daily tasks of a trainer. Be ready to lose your heart to these creatures.
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