Can I trust Mexico Timeshare?

Mexico is a great destination for owning a timeshare, especially if you live in the United States or Canada. The ease and low cost with which you can visit your timeshare on a regular basis is a great attraction towards timeshare ownership in Mexico, as is the amazing destinations which you can make your second home. The great value prices of Mexico timeshares are also highly appealing and make timeshare and vacation ownership highly affordable and relatively low risk.

However, the question in hand is not so much whether Mexico is a great deal but if you can trust buying timeshare in Mexico. There is no doubt that Mexico offers some of the best timeshare deals in the world at really affordable prices and the problem is not so much value for money as how trustworthy timeshare is.

Like any investment, you need to do some research into the timeshares company with whom you are planning to purchase your timeshare. It would be foolish to say that there are no longer any timeshare scams in Mexico to defraud you of your money; however, if you stick to long standing timeshare companies, like The Villa Group, you stand a very low risk of being involved in a scam. On the whole, Mexico timeshare is no more or less risky than anywhere else in the world. It is regulated to a certain extent by the Mexican government and you can be sure that legitimate timeshare companies like The Villa Group provide genuine contracts.

The clearest evidence for you to discern if the timeshare company you are considering buying from in Mexico is genuine is to see the resort and the actual units they are promoting. Once you see the installations and the sales office on site, you can usually tell if there are signs of a scam. Avoid timeshare sales where you only receive a general presentation and see photographs of the properties you are going to buy. Unless you can see physical evidence of a built resort it is best not to purchase, except when buying from a well known chain of resorts.

So the simple answer to: Can I trust Mexico timeshare? is yes, but make sure you purchase from a reputable company, preferably with a portfolio of hotels.

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