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Pros and Cons of Buying a Timeshare 

Are you curious about learning more about timeshares? Timeshare ownership is also known as a vacation club membership – In this post you will learn about Pros and Cons of Buying a Timeshare- While vacationing in Mexico, many travelers decide they want to buy a timeshare so they can have […]

The Best Place to Vacation in Mexico

If you and your loved ones need a vacation in paradise, then why not book a getaway to Mexico? Mexico is one of the most popular destinations for dream vacations. Each year, millions of travelers from around the world come to Mexico to enjoy a vacation in paradise. Mexico has […]

Family beach vacation to Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Dream Vacation to Cabo

In the States and Canada the chilly days of fall are starting to arrive, but in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico the weather is simply wonderful. Located on the southern tip of Baja California Sur peninsula is where you will find Cabo San Lucas. It’s a beautiful coastal town and a […]

Timeshare Ownership in Mexico: Is It a Good Buy?

Some timeshares may have earned an unfavorable reputation in the past, if you select a reputable company like the Villa Group it is an excellent investment. Timeshare ownership in Mexico gives owners the right to use their timeshare unit for one or multiple weeks each year. To join a timeshare […]

Mexican Vacation Club Dues: Rules To Know

Are you one of our beloved vacation club owners with Villa Group Resorts in Mexico? If so, we hope you are highly satisfied with the quality services, amenities, and accommodations. However, if you have ever contemplated not making your timeshare payments that you promised to pay, you should know that […]

Mexican Flag

Celebrate Mexican Independence Day with Us

Did you know that Mexican Independence Day is just a month away? It’s true! Sept. 16th is Mexican Independence Day which is a national holiday in Mexico that commemorates the iconic moment when Father Hidalgo, a priest and leader, called for Mexico’s liberation from Spain in the year 1810. Each […]