Comic to Celebrate Villa Group Staff

If you are considering becoming a vacation club member with the Villa Group, you may enjoy knowing that membership is like being part of one big, amazing family. The staff you interact with and those who work on your behalf behind the scenes are an integral part of creating that atmosphere at your home away from home. This is why Tafer Hotels & Resorts and the Villa Group have created a staff comic to celebrate and acknowledge some of the personal successes and developments staff members have experienced!
Ciudad del Mar (City by the Sea) Comic
This bi-monthly comic, which started in May 2017, celebrates the personal triumphs of the Villa Group staff you will interact with at various points of your stay when you become a vacation club member. The idea is to circulate this fun and free publication as a way to pay tribute to those Villa Group staff members who work hard each and every day, and/or who have overcome challenges to make it to where they are today. All staff are welcome to submit their stories and experiences to Ciudad del Mar, and while members may not take leading roles in the comic, you are welcome to read some of the issues by following the links on this page.

Handwork, dedication and teamwork at Villa Group
The goal of this Villa Group and Tafer Hotels & Resorts’ comic is simple, but undeniably important; it’s all about making sure that the employees who do so much to make this business great, and to make your vacation experiences wonderful, feel appreciated, noticed, and motivated.
Despite being set in a fictional city, Ciudad del Mar’s characters are closely based on real people working at the Villa Group, and their experiences have roots in true events. Each issue tells the story of an employee somewhere in the Tafer and Villa Group family.
Creative stories with a little imagination
While all of the stories presented in Ciudad del Mar are based in real life situations they are also enriched by a good dose of creativity and fiction. The comic creators take people’s privacy seriously, so they work with the real life hero or heroine (s) to make sure that they are putting forth a narrative that that person is comfortable with.
If you wish to read any of the latest issues you can do so by following the links below;
Dedication to Villa Group staff
This comic is just one of the ways in which we at Villa Group show our appreciation for the staff that keep members happy. Dedicated to the development of our staff members, we seek to offer opportunities for growth, development, and progression to all of those who join the team.

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