Don’t Trust Unsolicited Timeshare Attorney Phone Calls 1

The Villa Group urges members of Villa Preferred Access and owners of Villa del Palmar timeshare properties to be wary of a new scam that is circulating amongst its associates. The scam involves being contacted by telephone or email by someone claiming to be a timeshare attorney organizing a class action suit against the Villa Group.

The warning comes after a number of long-standing members brought the calls to the attention of the reputable timeshare developers. The callers assert that they are phoning on behalf of a timeshare attorney firm and need certain information from you. In some cases the callers state that they are lawyers organizing a class action suit against the Villa Group, encouraging members to join too.

So far it is unclear as to the true purpose of the scam and how they might use the information that members have given under false pretenses but if you are asked to provide personal information, you are strongly advised not to do so.

If you have been contacted by such a firm or know of anyone who has experienced something similar, please leave a comment below.

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One thought on “Don’t Trust Unsolicited Timeshare Attorney Phone Calls

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    Jennifer Williams

    “Sir, I see you have a timeshare, want to sell it?”

    More people are getting these calls from companies offer to unload their unwanted properties. People are getting ripped off by timeshare sales that never take place and owners are swindled for thousands of dollars every day , say local, state and federal officials.