Finding Solutions to Villagroup Complaints

Nobody enjoys complaining, but in the unfortunate and increasingly infrequent occasions when clients are not satisfied with the services or treatment they receive from The Villagroup and its associates, making a formal or informal complaint may be necessary in order to ensure that any issue is resolved satisfactorily.
Cause for complaint is unfortunate for both parties involved: no one wants to have reason to complain and the service provider’s main aim is to ensure that the client is happy and fully enjoying their vacation experience. Nevertheless, dealt with in the right way, complaints procedures can be very helpful and The Villagroup value the feedback that is sometimes only received through the parameters of a complaint. While it is the objective of the company to try and foresee and thus avoid provoking the need for complaining, client complaints help the company grow and evolve to meet the requirements of its ever changing and growing clientele.

What to do when you need to complain

The best way to deal with an issue you have with any Villagroup service is to address it as soon as possible, preferably while you are still at the resort or in contact with the person or situation that is causing you discomfort or distress. Making your dissatisfaction known to a member of staff in the moment can save you a lot of time and inconvenience later and will hopefully lead to a quick resolution of your concern.
In the case that your immediate contact cannot resolve your issue, ask to speak to someone of a higher rank or with greater authority to provide a solution to your problem. An unsatisfied resident is detrimental to the Villa Group’s reputation, smooth running and, more importantly, the vision of one of Mexico’s longest running leisure companies. You will find that senior members of staff will be very accommodating and sympathetic to your problem as it is most likely that your initial contact did not have the authority to rectify your concern in the moment.
If you have already returned home and need to complain, the quickest methods would be through email or by telephone. If you wish to send a letter, you are best to do so via courier or registered post to ensure its safe and quick arrival.
The most important thing to remember when making a complaint to Villagroup is that your issue will be taken seriously, and that all comments, suggestions and complaints are considered to be essential elements in the growth and evolution of the company at large.

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