Why Get Travel Insurance?

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Why get travel insurance? There are many reasons why every traveler should invest in travel insurance. It is hard to even think that there may be an accident or emergency when you are traveling, but it does occur despite that you may be very healthy. So, this is perfect for any unfortunate circumstance when you are abroad traveling. Of course, there are no guarantees in life, we all know this, but having travel insurance is a necessity.

What if a family member passes when you are traveling abroad and you need to get home immediately or your flight was cancelled unexpectedly, or maybe someone steals your laptop or luggage? If these unfortunate circumstances occur when you are traveling abroad, then having purchased travel insurance will help save you a lot of money and you can enjoy your vacation with a peace of mind when you have this protection.

What is Covered with Travel Insurance?

What exactly is covered with your insurance should be best outlined by your insurance company where you are recommended to read your contract carefully. There are so many different types of travel insurance and plans, which can make the insurance policy very confusing, but here are a few things that you should look for with any good insurance policy plan:

  • Medical expenses for any sudden illness or an unexpected injury with high coverage limits with at least $100,000 USD coverage
  • Evacuation and emergency care along with all transportation to and from the hospital to your country with at least $300,000 USD coverage
  • 100% coverage in any country world-wide
  • Twenty-four hour emergency assistance at any time
  • Complete coverage for any cameras, luggage, jewelry, and documents that were stolen or lost
  • Complete coverage for flight cancellations, rental cars and hotel reservations in the event of a death in the family, sickness, and any other emergencies that occur
  • Coverage for emergency return home world-wide
  • Accident personal coverage
  • Financial coverage for if the insurance company closes due to bankruptcy while traveling abroad

Thing that are frequently NOT covered in travel insurance policies

With so many different insurance plans and policies, you should always be aware of what isn’t covered with the insurance. Many of the insurance companies will only cover a small percentage of electronics coverage with their basic travel insurance coverage, so if this occurs, then you should consider purchasing supplemental insurance for added coverage. Many insurance companies will not cover any accidents that may occur with extreme activities such as hang gliding, paragliding, and bungee jumping. The insurance companies may cover you for these kinds of activities, but this coverage usually costs more. The travel insurance companies see these sort of activities as being reckless and they may not cover any accidents during these type of activities.

These are some of the main reasons that you should consider travel insurance when you plan your next vacation abroad. Why not make a small investment with purchasing travel insurance, because who knows when you may need it. Talk with several travel insurance companies to go over plans and policies and you will be thankful that you got travel insurance.

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