Why You Should Always Write a Hotel Review

hotel review

We have all been there at some point: we are traveling to a destination we have never visited before and would love to get some feedback from real travelers who have already been there to help us decide on a place to stay. While looking at hotel websites can give you a basic overview of what a property has to offer, you won’t get any behind-the-scenes information that previous guests can provide. With that said, whenever you stay at a hotel, you should always make it a point to review your visit so that you can pay it forward to future guests who may be looking for some guidance regarding accommodation options. Here are some other great reasons to write a hotel review after your stay:

Recognize Great Staff Members

When you have had a great experience with a specific staff member (or even the entire team), it is helpful for the hotel to hear about it. Outstanding individuals may receive a bonus, raise or even a promotion based in part on your glowing review. If someone went out of their way to make your stay more pleasant, here is your chance to help them out by making it known!

Help Guide Other Travelers with your Hotel Review

Honest feedback about your stay at a hotel is one of the most useful tools that fellow travelers could ask for. After staying somewhere, you are equipped with knowledge about the place that future guests won’t find on the hotel’s website, from tips on how to control a complicated thermostat to which hotel restaurants are worth trying. Don’t be shy- let everyone know what you thought of your stay! A personal point of view is truly invaluable.

Keep Search Engines Honest

When you decide to post a hotel review on a travel related website, you are helping ensure that major search engines are working with comments made by actual travelers, rather than just being dominated by large hotel chains that have the money to afford major marketing and advertising campaigns.

Be Mindful of Criticism

While being honest is obviously important when writing a review meant for others to gain some insight, major complaints should really be taken up directly with the hotel so that it is positioned to handle any issues in the proper manner, whether they offer you a discount, a free future stay, vouchers, etc. Any reputable hotel will do whatever they can to make things right with their valued customers. If, however, you have already tried dealing with the property and you are still unsatisfied, and would not recommend the hotel whatsoever, then describe your situation and try to be as objective as you can.

After your next hotel stay, get in on the online action and post a review about your experience!

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