How Villa Group is Keeping Guests Safe

During the temporary closure of resorts due to COVID-19 pandemic, our staff has been diligently working to prepare for the day when they can welcome guests back to the resort. Learn about how Villa Group Resorts has implemented new standards and policies to keep everyone safe.

Updated Standards and Policies

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world the importance of always maintaining high standards of cleanliness. At Villa Group Resorts, we have prepared for the return of guests by implementing policies and advice from infectious disease specialists. In addition, we have obtained certification from companies like PREVERISK that specialize in preventative protocols. Villa Group Resorts is committed to upholding the highest standards of disinfection, hygiene, and sanitation in rooms and common areas in their resorts. In addition, we have created an integrated Health and Hygiene Program. Using suggestions and instructions from government and health organizations, the health of the entire Villa Group family is our number one priority.
villa group resorts cleanliness and sanitation standards covid-19

Villa Group Resorts New Standards of Cleanliness:

There are new standards of cleanliness and sanitation that will be in place for your next vacation to Mexico. When hotel guests and vacation club member’s arrive they can expect the following:

  • Suitcase sanitization with sanitizing products.
  • Security seals to validate that no one entered the room after it was cleaned and disinfected.
  • Temperature Readings: Thermometers will be used at all access points throughout the resort to read and monitor the temperatures of guests and staff in a non-invasive manner.

villa group resorts cleanliness and sanitation standards covid-19

  • In addition, all high-touch surfaces in common areas are subject to updated cleanliness and hygiene protocols. For example, surfaces and high traffic areas of the resort will be continuously treated with hospital-grade disinfectants and certified sanitation products. In addition, sanitizing stations have been placed at strategic points throughout the resorts including the front desk, restaurant entrances, and in all public areas. Also, a special team of sanitization specialists has been trained and equipped that is led by a Hygiene Manager. They will be in charge of ensuring that all staff members and guests adhere to the new health and sanitation protocols. In addition, every room will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using hospital-grade disinfectants between each guest’s stay. All paper amenities, pens, and magazines will be removed from rooms until further notice, but are still available upon request. These new standards of cleanliness and hygiene protocols are designed to better protect our guests, our staff, and our community.

villa group clean standars post covid-19

  • Social distancing requirements help reduce the likelihood of transmission of viruses and other illnesses. At Villa Group Resorts, signage has been installed throughout the resorts to remind guests and staff to keep a safe distance from others. 2 meters is considered a safe distance. Also, furniture in common areas and restaurants has been rearranged to allow for more space between guests. In addition, measures to ensure guest’s safety includes lounge chairs being spaced 6 feet apart in pool areas. Guests will also find stricter sanitation measures in the fitness centers. Use of the fitness center will also be limited to only those with a reservation with a limited number of guests in the gym at one time.

villa del palmar social distancing covid-19

  • Next, food and beverage standards have been updated as well. To start with, employees in the food and beverage departments are highly trained on proper handling and service of food and beverage items. The highest standards of food safety have always been met, and the resorts will continue to seek training and regular inspections will keep guests and staff safe. Lastly, modifications to in-room dining and buffet-style services are underway as well.
  • Lastly, Villa Group Resorts is implementing additional changes to minimize direct contact between guests and staff. As a result, certain services such as valet parking and direct meal preparation will be suspended temporarily. In addition, services that require entry into guest rooms will be modified to limit contact between staff and guests as much as possible. In addition, special protocols will be followed in the event that a suspected case of COVID-19 is found at Villa Group Resorts. An onsite doctor and 24-hour medical service is available. Also, A team dedicated to detecting and handling suspected COVID-19 cases has been organized. This team includes the General Manager of each resort, the Head of Security, a licensed physician, and our Director of Operations who will work together with health officials as needed.

villa del palmar vallarta sanitation standards covid-19
Villa Group Resorts has always had the best interest of their guests in mind. Today, more than ever we are committed to implementing changes that will keep guests safe. The entire staff is anxious to welcome guests back for some much-needed rest and relaxation in paradise, all while keeping everyone safe and healthy, too.
villa del palmar vallarta lobby clean standards covid-19

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