Interval International Gold and Platinum Membership

Did you know that you can enjoy even more benefits and advantages when you qualify for Gold or Platinum Interval International membership status? For example, should you qualify for Interval Platinum membership based on the number of Villa Preferred Access points you own then you will not only gain the Platinum privileges, but those associated with standard and gold memberships too!

What are the benefits of Standard and Gold Membership?

Every level of membership with Interval International offers you the breath-taking ability to access resorts in more than 80 countries around the world as well as getting exclusive publications to keep you abreast of your getaway options. With Standard and Gold membership you gain access to Interval Travel, an agency which will help you to reserve tours, rent cars, book flights and otherwise remove the stress from your vacations.

Interval Gold status will extend these benefits a little farther by adding the option to experience ShortStay Exchanges. This means you can trade one week at your timeshare resort for between 1 and 6 nights elsewhere. In fact you can make as many ShortStay Exchanges as your points allow for! You can also use your timeshare points to book cruises and tours, spa getaways and golf packages, and even to get discounts on any Getaways you purchase. Gold members can also take advantage of a 24/7 VIP concierge service as well as special discounts.

What are the benefits of Interval International Platinum Membership?

Interval Platinum takes this one step farther by giving you access to all aforementioned benefits as well as a few others. Platinum members can share resort time with family and friends with Interval Guest Certificates for free, and can get exclusive last minute travel deals with Platinum Escapes (

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Furthermore, Interval Platinum members have access to 700 VIP airport lounges in 120 countries with their complementary Interval Platinum Priority Pass. The Priority Pass is an airport membership to avoid crowds. Platinum members in the USA can also access the Companion Airline Travel Program which will give you a voucher for a companion ticket when an adult round-trip coach ticket is purchased to a participating airport.

So, aren’t you glad you are a Villa Preferred Access Member?

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