Legal Report: Right to Cancel Your Timeshare

Are you wondering if you have the legal right to cancel your timeshare or vacation club plan? If you have purchased your vacation club plan from us at the Villa Group Resorts, then you are probably thrilled with your membership and looking forward to creating wonderful vacation memories with your family. If you purchased your membership from another provider, it is possible you would like to know your legal rights regarding timeshare cancellation even if you have no intentions of canceling your existing membership. Are you interested in knowing your legal rights regarding the option of cancelling your existing vacation club membership? We have provided information below on your right to cancel your timeshare that we hope you find useful.

  • Cancel Your Timeshare Membership Contract
    Each and every timeshare or vacation club membership contract includes fine details, which is why some members are sometimes unsure if they can legally cancel their timeshare or not. To be clear, a timeshare contract is a legally binding document that you sign to join a vacation club, then you also have to pay a fee and agree to pay the monthly or yearly maintenance fees. The vast majority of vacation club resorts including the Villa Group Resorts have maintenance fees that are due once a month, but some have yearly and bi-yearly maintenance fees instead. You should check your specific contract to see when your maintenance fees are due so you can stay on top of your responsibilities. You should also know that sometimes the maintenance fees may increase over time, but this is necessary in order to keep the resort in excellent shape and keep up with the costs of inflation.
  • Is It Possible To Cancel Your Timeshare Membership After Cooling Off Period Expires?
    It doesn’t matter what reason you have if you want to cancel your membership, and you can do so legally after the contract has been signed, but only during the cooling-off period. Anytime during the cooling off period which is also known as the rescission period, new timeshare members can legally cancel their vacation club plan without any repercussions. You should review your specific membership contract to clarify the exact time frame for your cooling off period. Most vacation club providers allow up to 5 to 14 days after the membership contract was signed for rescissions. However, if the cooling off period has expired, you cannot legally cancel your vacation club plan, and you are legally obligated to pay your maintenance dues and fees that are stated in the official contract. This applies to not only the Villa Group Resorts, but other timeshare companies and vacation club providers as well.
  • Cancellation Companies Are Frauds
    Now, you have learned that you can only cancel your timeshare membership during the cooling off period. If you have had your membership for a lengthy amount of time, then the truth is you are unable to legally cancel your vacation club plan. However, it is important to realize that some existing members are still being contacted by fraudulent cancellation companies claiming they can cancel a vacation club membership. Don’t let yourself become a victim to this false claim. Remember, it is very important to understand that once your cooling off period has passed, no cancellation company can cancel your timeshare membership. If you are still within your cooling off period, all you need to do is to contact your existing provider and they will help you process the cancellation. You won’t have to pay any extra money to outside providers, so don’t get fooled into believing a cancellation company is needed to legally cancel your contract. Beware of fraudulent timeshare cancellation companies that try to convince you that they can cancel your membership. They are frauds just trying to steal your money and we want to keep our valued members safe and protected.

To summarize, are you able to cancel your timeshare? Yes, you can cancel your timeshare or vacation club plan, but only during the cooling off period. As stated above, the cooling off period usually occurs within 5 to 14 days immediately after you have signed your official contract. If the cooling off period has expired, then you have no legal right to cancel your timeshare membership. Are you one of our valued Villa Group timeshare owners? If so, we hope this article has helped you understand your rights in regards to timeshare cancellation policies in Mexico.

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