Make Sure Your Villa Group Timeshare is Safe from Scams

It is our obligation at the Villa Group Timeshare division to provide our valuable members with information about the creative scams that have been occurring recently and targeting our vacation club members and any future timeshare purchasers. Lately, it has come to our attention that a major increase of scams have been occurring within the timeshare industry.

Don’t be fooled

Are you currently thinking: “there is no way I could be involved with a timeshare scam, because I am a member of a highly reputable timeshare company, Villa del Palmar”? You may be amazed to know that scammers have come up with a variety of scams geared towards the best vacation clubs like Villa Group timeshare. It is vital that you read the information provided below, so you will be safe from any type of scams that are geared for timeshares and vacation clubs.

Here are the top 3 timeshare and vacation clubs scams to avoid:

  1. Rental Agency Scams
  2. Rental agency scams are aimed at those who are planning on renting out their Villa Group timeshare. The scammers act like they are with a legitimate rental agency who will charge you a fee to rent out your timeshare. If you would like to rent your timeshare or vacation club, then make sure you pick a rental agent that has been recommended to you or a rental agent that only charges a commission fee if they rent out your timeshare or vacation club. You never want to trust a rental agency that charges you a fee upfront as these are usually scams.

  3. Villa Group Timeshare Resale Scams
  4. Villa Group timeshare resale scams can be hard to detect, because the scammers tend to contact you by mail, email, or by phone. The scammers will tell you that there is a potential buyer for your Villa Group timeshare or vacation club, and this buyer is willing to pay you a lot of money for it. The resale scam occurs when they ask you to pay a fee just to get the details of the buyer and once you pay you never hear from the agency again. Villa Group timeshare resale scams can also occur if you are thinking of purchasing a second hand timeshare. You can never really trust what kind of membership you are buying.

  5. Cancellation Scams
  6. Cancellation scams are often targeted at new Villa Group timeshare member. The cancellation scam involves an agent who says that they are a lawyer that can cancel your membership. The lawyer charges you with a large fee, but at first tells you there is no fee. Timeshare members believe that their membership has been successfully cancelled until they discover that they have simply defaulted on their loan. Remember, that timeshare contracts are legally binding, and can’t be cancelled after the cooling off period has expired.

Do you believe you have been involved in a Villa Group timeshare scam? Here is what you should do:

    There are a few steps you must take. Here are the steps:

  1. Contact Members Services first and report the incident immediately.
  2. Make a formal complaint with Federal Trade Commission and the Business Fraud Division (1-877-382-4357).
  3. Contact Attorney General in your state and make a complaint. (Look in the Yellow Pages or on the Internet for the Attorney General’s phone number).
  4. Contact ARDA at and report the incident.