Mexico Timeshare Presentations – What to Know

Have you visited or vacationed in Mexico in the past, and are curious about timeshare presentations? The timeshare presentation is an opportunity for a potential buyer to learn more about the resort offering a vacation ownership membership. In addition, individuals that attend a timeshare presentation are often offered coupons or free tickets as an incentive to watch the sales presentation. So, the question is – should you attend a timeshare presentation or is it a waste of time? Read below to learn more so you can decide if it worth it for you. The Villa Group family of resorts offers incredible timeshare options for savvy travelers in the know.

Timeshares And Vacation Ownership

A timeshare or vacation ownership membership is an opportunity for individuals to share vacation property for a set period of time each year. There is a legal financial arrangement, and usually one to two weeks vacation each year is enjoyed at the resort property. Depending upon your specific membership and whether or not they are part of resort network, you may even be able to delegate your weeks to use at another location within the resort network. In order to become a timeshare owner, you pay an upfront financial investment as well as regular maintenance fees. These maintenance fees are important in order to help keep the property looking great so that all your vacations are enjoyable and stress-free. The sales presentation will explain the membership details, and give you a tour of the resort and its amenities. Many timeshare companies also offer amazing incentives such as discounted or free hotel stays and/or complimentary entertainment tickets to shows or restaurants if you attend the sales presentation.

Timeshare Presentation Drawbacks

One important thing to be aware of if you want to attend a timeshare sales presentation is that if the incentives seem too good to actually be true, they probably are. If the incentive seem reasonable and the resort is a reputable provider, you are probably safe. You may be offered free tickets or even a free trip if you attend their sales presentation which last an average of 9 minutes. After the presentation concludes, you will be taken on a tour of the resort to learn more about the amenities and services in person. Also, did you know that not everyone can become a vacation ownership member? There are certain requirements that must be met in order to be actually eligible to purchase a timeshare membership. The majority of timeshare companies require that people are at least 25-30 years of age, have a certain income level, and even your relationship status is considered as married couples or couples that have been in a long relationship are preferred to purchase a timeshare. Statistics have shown these people are more likely to invest and have the finances needed to afford a vacation ownership membership so they are the preferred market.

Sales Pitch And Salespersons

Some people have decided that attending a timeshare presentation is worth their time if they have the opportunity to get free trips or free tickets, even if they are not planning to purchase a membership. However, you should know that some of the salespeople have high pressure sale tactics and will do their best to make a sale. Some salespersons will do everything in their power to convince you into purchasing a vacation ownership membership. Using a variety sales tactics, some salespersons may try to keep you longer than the ninety minutes in the hopes that they will wear down your will power. The most reputable timeshare providers such as those with the Villa Group family or resorts do not need to use these techniques as their memberships sell themselves.
Rest assured not every timeshare company uses aggressive sales tactics. There are many reputable and trustworthy vacation ownership providers such as the Villa Group that offer a great value for their members. It is more than possible to actually purchase a valuable timeshare that you will enjoy for years to come if you stick with well respected providers such as our proud Villa Group team. So, do you think you should attend a timeshare presentation? It could be a wise way to start investing in your future and making vacations a priority while also locking in today’s rates. Don’t miss out!
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