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With Mexico’s stunningly beautiful beaches to its warm and welcoming locals, it is easy to fall in love with the country. Did you know that Mexico is currently ranked 7th in the world for tourism? The country is a tourist favorite due to its delicious cuisine, rich culture, and welcoming locals. As a result, Mexico is a top destination for visitors from around the world. In fact, many vacationers want to join a vacation club so they can regularly vacation in this beautiful place.

Mexico: Number 7 in the World for Tourism

In 2018, The World Tourism Organization (WTO) conducted a study that showed Mexico rose from 8th to 6th place as a top tourist destination. In fact, more than 39.3 million foreign visitors traveled to Mexico in 2018. That meant that more vacationers traveled to Mexico than other top destinations such as the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Germany. In 2019 after four years of steady growth, Mexico slightly dropped from 6th to 7th place in international tourism rankings. The decline was the first since 2013 as Mexico has been steadily climbing in popularity rankings for tourism.
Many foreigners that travel to Mexico for vacation want to keep coming back for more and more. One visit and they call in love with the country. As a result, many foreigners want to join a vacation club. That way, they can have regular vacations in paradise and enjoy the best that life has to offer. Also, especially Americans and Canadians love Mexico due to its close proximity to their home country. It is easy to jet away for a tropical vacation and escape colder weather up north. The country has a pleasant climate all year round. As a result, there are tons of great outdoor activities to enjoy. Also, has some of the best food in the world. From inexpensive street food to fine dining, today’s Mexico has it all. In addition, many visitors love that fresh and organic produce is so affordable. A vacation in Mexico is a great way to live their best life and save money, too.
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