November’s Gourmet Festival in Puerto Vallarta

Once more, foodies all over the world will have their taste buds satisfied and delighted at the 22nd International Gourmet Festival which will descend upon Puerto Vallarta and its nearby areas of Riviera Nayarit and Tepic.
This November in Puerto Vallarta, various gourmet-driven events with mouth-watering international cuisines are available during this festival founded by culinary geniuses Chef Thierry Blouet and Chef Heinz Reize in 1995 (Chef Roland Menetrey joined in 2000 as honorary founder). The festival’s goal was to bring more inspiration to this charming destination’s culinary potential. Since its initiation, local chefs have benefited greatly from the continuous refinement and polishing of their culinary standards with innovative techniques shared by visiting guests. Fine dining and gourmet experimentation remain at the forefront of this annual event.
Originally starting with only six hotels and six independent restaurants, the festival has since doubled and quadrupled its participation with this year’s twenty-five outstanding hotels and restaurants joining in the event.
Friday, November 11 will mark the start of this year’s Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Festival which will end on November 20. The opening event is the Grand Gourmet Village where guest chefs will exhibit various dishes at their gourmet kiosks aimed at tickling festival goer’s taste buds. Theme nights will center on a particular ingredient or on a culinary region with many participating restaurants signed up host events. There will also be a fun wine-pairing workshop to be led by top international chefs. Aside from these, there will be other scheduled events culminating into a magnificent seafood feast where food lovers can look back on the amazing culinary treats they have tasted for the past ten days.

Know the Guest Chefs

Join this year’s International Gourmet Festival and be ready to experience the most remarkable gourmet dining on the planet, at this lovely tourist destination of Puerto Vallarta.

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