Overview of Timeshare Solutions

Timeshares have come a long way since they first burst onto the vacation scene; the models and options for ownership and membership have changed dramatically. This is an industry determined not to lag; timeshare memberships have evolved, and are constantly developing, to offer the very best to consumers. This is just one of the reasons why millions of people worldwide love their timeshare.

Here are some of the best ways you can enjoy a timeshare.

Fixed Week Timeshare Solutions

When timeshares were first on the market they worked on a “fixed week” basis. The concept was that a timeshare consumer would buy a set time period in a specific unit and resort, and that they had the use of this space each year for their vacations. This was perfect for the average working family in the 80’s and 90’s as they were likely to have the same two week vacation period each year. As time marched on and flexibility became key timeshares had to develop.

Floating Weeks

“Floating weeks” were part of the natural progression of the timeshare industry; in this case timeshare members would buy time in a particular season. This means that members could move their vacation weeks around a little. The Villa Group timeshare began in a similar way, first offering Fixed Week and Floating week timeshares before finding an even more flexible timeshare solutions for Villa Group members, which led to Points Based membership – Villa Preferred Access.

Points Based Membership

As flexibility became king, the timeshare industry moved quickly onto the most recent model of timeshare solutions: points based. Points based timeshare solutions are based on members buying a number of points which add up to a certain amount of time in a certain level of accommodation. The benefits of this system are many, but the flexibility it offers is at the top of the list. When working with this model, timeshare owners can have one longer vacation or a few short getaways, they can upgrade their accommodation and take less time, or have more time in basic units. It’s all about what the customer needs from their membership. There are so many solutions to choose from.
Another benefit is the ability to add to your vacation in various ways! For example, Villa Group Timeshare allows you to use points towards paying for all-inclusive meal plans, spa treatments, or even private chef services with your points. This isn’t all you can do, either!

Exchange Companies Offer Additional Timeshare Solutions

In recent years, exchange companies like RCI and Interval International have become very popular. These networks allow timeshare members to expand the reach of their memberships by allowing them to exchange their points for stays in resorts across the world. Villa Group timeshare memberships are eligible to be exchanged through Interval International, and new members will enjoy complimentary membership for the first year.

Cancellation Attorneys are Not Legitimate Timeshare Solutions

Timeshares once got a bad rap for being risky ventures; the industry was not tightly regulated, as it is now, and was open to scammers and fraudsters. As the industry has progressed and become more regulated, the fraudsters have migrated to scams which focus on those who already own timeshares, bringing about fake timeshare cancellation attorneys offering misleading timeshare “solutions.”
The most prominent fraudulent timeshare solutions are cancellation and refund scams which focus on convincing members that they can quickly cancel their contract by paying the scammer a fee. Of course this doesn’t work as members will have signed legally binding contracts; more often than not victims of these scams are simply left in huge debt and trouble. If you feel you have reason for cancellation you should talk with your provide first and foremost.
If there is a particular timeshare solution that you would like to read about in our blog, please leave us a comment.

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