Parks in and Around Cabo

Exploring the national parks and wildlife reserves of Cabo San Lucas is a perfect activity to enjoy when on vacation in Mexico. Cabo’s parks offer the opportunity for you to see and appreciate the natural beauty of the Baja California peninsula as well as a chance to learn more about the flora and fauna of the region.

There are many lovely parks and reserves in the Baja California area, and in particular there are many within travelling distance of Cabo San Lucas, one of Mexico’s hottest tourist destinations.

Cabo Town Square Avenida Cabo San Lucas, Cabo San Lucas
For those who just want a green, shady space to cool off in while they’re exploring the shops, museums and eateries of Cabo San Lucas the Town Square, found in the downtown area of Cabo, is perfect. This tree ringed park is hugely popular with locals and visitors alike so why not drop in for an impromptu picnic?
Cabo san lucas birds Paseo San Jose, San Josédel Cabo, Cabo San Lucas
Lovers of avian wildlife should make sure that a trip to San Jose’s Bird Sanctuary is at the very top of their schedule. The park houses many exotic migratory birds as well as pelicans and heron. What’s more you can get about the park on kayaks, or through guided walking tours. The information on these activities can be found in the visitor centre.
wirikuta Natural Park Puerto Los Cabos, Los Cabos
If you’re an avid botanist, or if you want to learn about desert plants, then a visit to the Wirikuta Botanical Park should be top of your to do list. This gargantuan park is home to over 1 million individual plants of 1500 species, and is home to truly stunning pyramids built from huge granite boulders. What’s more you can learn a huge amount about the desert plants in this park which is designed to honor both the cacti in its boundaries, and the indigenous Mexican people.
Desert Park Natural Reserve Highway 1, Melia Cabo Real, Cabo San Lucas
The Desert Park Natural reserve is a great place to go if you love hiking! The rugged, mountainous landscape is made up of vast swathes of desert which benefit from stunning sea views. The sparkling waters and arid lands can easily be appreciated solo, but guided tours are worth their price. Tours last three hours and cost between $50 and $75.
Cabo Pulmo National Park Highway 1, National Park, San José del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas
Lovers of marine life will be greatly pleased by the Cabo Pulmo National Park. Here divers and snorkelers of all levels of experience can enjoy the gorgeous coral reefs and crystalline waters of the park. What’s more it’s only a short drive from the centre of Cabo san Lucas.

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