Playa del Carmen Day Trips

Villa Group timeshare members can enjoy a host things to do while staying at their Villa del Palmar Cancun home away from home. A trip to Playa del Carmen is worth taking as you can experience a relaxing yet active time in Cancun discovering the picturesque places nearby. Playa del Carmen is a bohemian Mexican beach destination which has turquoise colored waters set in an amazingly picturesque landscape on the Yucatan coastline.

Day trips to Playa del Carmen from Cancun are very popular. In fact, most Cancun visitors arrange their visits here to simply have a change of atmosphere or enjoy something different. There are opportunities for great shopping, water sports and swimming with the dolphins that’s very popular among visitors. Fun-loving partiers on the other hand, can get a taste of its entertaining nightlife with bars and pubs to take their blues away.

An Hour Away from Cancun

Renting a car or taking a taxi is the fastest way to reach Playa del Carmen. The roads are well-paved and one won’t experience any hassle along its route. Taking a public transport is also possible but a longer journey. Several tour agencies also offer organized bus tours that best fit larger group of people or families.

The Things to Do are Endless

Whether you’re a beach freak or a tourist who loves to go sightseeing and shopping, Playa del Carmen is the place for you. The popular 5th Avenue is where you can find bars, galleries to admire, restaurants to dine and specialty stores to go shopping. During the early evening, you can see families and diners enjoying a great dinner in its numerous fine-dining establishments, while traditional restaurants serve authentic food that characterizes Mexico’s rich culture when it comes to gastronomy. You can hit its many disco bars, socialize with people and party till the early hours of the morning.

Playa del Carmen Beach

It’s perfect for many water sports activities and has quiet spots that are haven for those seeking relaxation and peace. The presence of many beach vendors selling a variety of stuff like dresses, jewelries and accessories make it a good shopping place for a reasonable buy.

Experience Cozumel

If the tropical ambience of Playa del Carmen isn’t enough for you, you can access another beach destination close by: Cozumel Island. A short ferry trip can take you there from Playa del Carmen, and you’re in again to what looks like another round of adventure and thrills.

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