Puerto Vallarta Fishing Boat Tours

Mexico has over 9,000 kilometers of beautiful coastline, so it isn’t hard to believe that Mexico is a dream location for those who love to fish. With charming fishing towns located all along the coastline, thousands of fishermen come to Mexico each year to take advantage of the best fishing, and Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular areas. Puerto Vallarta was once just a sleepy fishing village about fifty years ago, but today fishing has become very popular for tourists, tournaments, and sport fishing boat tours.

Why choose Puerto Vallarta for Fishing Boat Tours?

Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay is a place that fishermen dream of going. In the largest bay in Mexico you will find fishing tours that sail daily in search of over five hundred different types of fish. Sport fishing boat tours in Puerto Vallarta are not hard to find and can be easily organized while staying at any of the Villa Group’s Resorts: Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, Villa del Mar, Villa del Palmar Flamingos or Villa La Estancia. Just ask at the tour agency for a list of fishing boat tours.

In and around Banderas Bay you can take advantage of year round fishing. There are fourteen fish species that are often sought out by fishermen, and they include Dorado, Red Snapper, Giant Tuna, and Roosterfish, which you will find in abundance. Puerto Vallarta is also known for having the best Sailfish and Marlin fish species, which is why you will find a number of sport fishing tournaments taking place through the year

All of the Villa Group’s resorts in Puerto Vallarta offer tour agency services to help guests and members find the perfect fishing boat tours. Fishing tours include chartering a private fishing boat with captain and crew or joining other like minded visitors on a group fishing tour. When booking your fishing boat tours through the agency at Villa del Palmar, you are guaranteed the best fishing rods, live bait and hooks, GPS and fish finder as well as bilingual crew. Of course, catching a fish isn’t guaranteed, but if you are fishing in the waters of Puerto Vallarta, then your chances are greatly improved, and you also will have memories that will last you forever.

Recommended Fishing Boat Tour Companies

Reputable fishing tour companies in Puerto Vallarta include Master Baiter’s Sport Fishing and Tackle, Charly’s Sailing and Sport Fishing, and Mike’s Fishing Charters and Tours. These tours provide you with a captain who is experienced in the local waters along with the best charter vessels available in Puerto Vallarta for an amazing fishing boat tour.

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