Puerto Vallarta Hurricane Tips

Earth map of a hurricane in Mexico

The summer months have arrived in Puerto Vallarta and the temperatures are on the rise! In addition to warmer days, the summer months also means increased humidity and summer rains, too. In Banderas Bay, the rainy season usually lasts from June through October. Locals and vacationers can expect a mix of sunny and cloudy days along with strong rainstorms that typically only last a few hours in the afternoons or evenings. Thanks to the added precipitation, the local Sierra Madre mountains will become lush and green in no time at all. In addition, summer also means that hurricane season has arrived with the peak activity expected in August. Thanks to natural protection from the mountains, vacationers can still safely enjoy a wonderful vacation in Puerto Vallarta during the summer. Continue to read more below for Puerto Vallarta hurricane tips for travelers. 

Puerto Vallarta Hurricane Tips 2022

Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s most popular coastal destinations that is located on the Pacific Coast in Mexico in Banderas Bay. There, the Sierra Madre mountains offer a natural barrier that keeps Puerto Vallarta safe from dangerous storms. In fact, PV is one of the safest coastal areas in Mexico to visit during hurricane season. On average, Puerto Vallarta has sunny days with increased humidity in the afternoons. Typically, rainstorms will occur in the early evening and usually only last for a few hours before the sun begins to shine again. In order for a storm to be called a hurricane, wind speeds and strength must reach seventy-four miles per hour. Hurricanes tend to increase in strength at sea, and lose speed when they hit land. Hurricanes and tropical cyclones are very unpredictable, but it’s still possible to visit PV during summer if you take the proper precautions. 

Puerto Vallarta Hurricane History

In the last 50 years, Puerto Vallarta has only been hit by a hurricane 3 times. Hurricane Nora (Category 1) hit in 2021, Hurricane Kenna (Category 4) in 2002, and Hurricane Lily (Category 1) back in 1971. More recently, Hurricane Katia and Hurricane Patricia were two huge hurricanes that threatened Puerto Vallarta. Hurricane Patricia had winds of 215 miles per hour or 345km/h, and made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane with top winds of 150 mph a few hours south of Puerto Vallarta near Playa Cuixmala in Jalisco state of southwest Mexico on Oct. 23, 2018 where it did damage to a sparsely populated area north of Manzanillo. In general, the months of July through October are the time period when hurricanes and tropical storms are more common in Puerto Vallarta. In November when cooler temperatures arrive, the hurricane season comes to an end.

Hurricane Safety Advice

Hurricanes are capable of causing severe damage to property and human life. If you find yourself in PV during a hurricane, heed instructions from local authorities and resort staff if you are staying at a hotel. Make sure to stay inside & away from windows when winds are blowing hard. Stay alert and follow local and national alerts, and have extra water and light sources with you in case power goes out. Once the hurricane has passed, heavy rains and flooding can occur. Take extra care on roads that are flooded, and make sure you follow the recommendations and regulations of the resort that you are staying at. While the summer rainstorms are generally mild, they also provide a beautiful lighting show over Banderas Bay that will take your breath away in a good way. 

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