Puerto Vallarta, the Perfect Family Vacation

Becoming a Villa del Palmar timeshare owner with the Villa Group in Puerto Vallarta is a great opportunity for families. Puerto Vallarta makes for the perfect family vacation with so many amazing things to do and see as well as top places to dine.

What Makes Puerto Vallarta the Perfect Family Vacation?

One of the attractions of choosing Puerto Vallarta for family vacations when coming from the United States and Canada is that it is so close. You can find cheap, short flights that are no stress when traveling with young children.

When you arrive to Puerto Vallarta, the airport is very conveniently located for both Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta and Villa del Palmar Flamingos in Nuevo Vallarta. Transfers are quick and relatively inexpensive, meaning a great start and finish to your vacation.

Things to do while staying at Villa del Palmar in Puerto Vallarta

While you are enjoying your family vacation in Puerto Vallarta at Villa del Palmar, you will find a plethora of things to do with your family, some that are free and easy while others will need an organized tour. For example, walking the malecon boardwalk with the family will cost you a ice-cream or two or maybe a caricature while you watch the sunset, or taking the bus to Marina Vallarta on a Thursday to see the mini market stalls that are set up each week. Organized tours you may wish to try with the family in Puerto Vallarta include the Marigalante Pirates of the Bay show on the pirate ship, zip line tours, whale watching excursions, snorkeling boat trips to the Marieta Islands and a day at the zoo.

The Perfect Family Vacation at Villa del Palmar

The first thing you may wish to enjoy are the kids activities at Villa del Palmar. There is a kids club at both Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta as well as Villa del Palmar Flamingos. You and your family are also sure to enjoy the large pools at Villa del Palmar and the safe access to the sea. Each Villa del Palmar resort boasts direct beach access, making it easy for families to alternate between the sand, the pools and suites.

Families also benefit from the kitchenettes or full kitchens you will find in each of the Villa del Palmar rooms and suites, making it easier for families to prepare light meals for kids rather than eating out at every meal. This can save both money and temper tantrums when meal times are not honored due to changes to your usual routines. On site you will be able to buy the things you need from Palmita Market, or in the case of Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, the resort is also very close to a shopping mall and supermarket. Room service and dining in the hotel’s restaurants are reasonably priced and family friendly. Many families opt for an all inclusive meal plan to make dining with the family even easier and cost effective.

Puerto Vallarta can also become a regular perfect family vacation with membership at Villa del Palmar, so why not find out more by filling in your details on the contact page and Become a Satisfied Owner.

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