Greener Puerto Vallarta – Local Efforts to Reduce Litter

Puerto Vallarta church downtown

Natural beauty, stunning beaches, interesting history, and delicious cuisine are just a few things Mexico is known for. As a result, it’s no surprise that so many visitors come to Mexico each year for their vacation. In fact, many individuals decide to buy a timeshare unit so they can guarantee their family can have amazing vacations yearly. Have you spent your vacation in Puerto Vallarta or in another coastal town in Mexico? If you have, then you probably have noticed that in Mexico there is a trash and litter problem. Thankfully, local efforts to reduce litter is occurring in PV. By working together, we could make Puerto Vallarta a greener place now and for future generations. Read below to learn more about greener Puerto Vallarta.

Greener Puerto Vallarta – Local Efforts to Reduce Litter

The habit of throwing trash on the ground started many centuries ago. In those days, it was commonplace for people to just throw their trash or broken items in their backyards or even in the woods. However, the discarded items were made of wood or clay and were biodegradable. Later, when plastics were invented, the trash problem started negatively affecting the environment. Many of the products we use today didn’t exist years ago such as plastic bottles or containers, plastic bags, and fast food wrappers. These types of things are polluting the neighborhood and will adversely affect it for thousands of years. Right now, it is very important to do all we can to reduce and correct this issue.

Puerto Vallarta Trash Campaigns

The trash issue in Puerto Vallarta has motivated local residents to do something about it. An American expat from Fairfax, California John Benus started the War Against Litter campaign in Puerto Vallarta. This trash campaign is helping to clean Puerto Vallarta and nearby neighborhoods. Previously, he used to live in Talpa de Allende where he led another successful trash campaign there. He also worked on the Adopt a Highway campaign in California, too. His philosophy is the most important thing in life is to help others and share.

Clean Your Neighborhood

Tania Gedmintas is a British expat that started a trash campaign, which is “Limpia Tu Barrio” or “Clean Your Neighborhood”. She oversees the campaign that was self-led to others to carry a bag with you throughout your day. Then, when you see any trash, simply pick it up and throw the bag away. She started doing this while taking her children on walks. She would post pictures to her social media to promote her trash campaign. This movement has helped in cleaning up Puerto Vallarta along with other areas in Mexico.

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