Recommended Boat Cruises in Puerto Vallarta

Part of the attraction of owning vacation club membership with Villa Group and visiting Puerto Vallarta is that you can enjoy a number of fabulous activities. Boat cruises in Puerto Vallarta are by far one of the main attractions. With so many boat cruises on offer in Puerto Vallarta, you should take some time to choose the one that really suits you and your companions.
Each excursion has its own program and timetable, but what’s common among all of them is the fun and excitement your will encounter. You can enjoy a day tour to take advantage of Puerto Vallarta’s year round sunny conditions or opt for a romantic cruise under the stars To spice up your vacation, choose a boat tour that lets you do the things you enjoy in life, be it sports like snorkeling and swimming or indoor activities like, singing or feasting on your favorite dishes.
Take a look at this list of recommended boat cruises in Puerto Vallarta and see which one you would like to book. Villa Group timeshare members can use the tour agent onsite at Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, Villa del Mar and Villa del Palmar Flamingos to make reservations.

The Marigalante Pirate Boat Cruise in Puerto Vallarta

One of the most famous of all boat cruises in Puerto Vallarta is the Marigalante pirate ship cruise. It offers a unique concept of sailing: like the pirates of the olden days. You will sail on an authentic pirate ship made of wood that was modeled on the Santa Maria, the ship that Christopher Columbus sailed on his adventures to the Americas.
The day tour is a true pirate adventure with snorkeling, kayaking and treasure hunts on the beach all tailored to a pirate theme of betrayal and swashbuckling fun. Tickets include your lunch and all beverages too.
The theme on the pirate ship at night is adult oriented, but can be enjoyed by anyone including your little children – there are points in the show where the young children are entertained below deck while adults enjoy some adult humor. The show is aimed at all ages, with performers swinging from rope to rope or doing acrobatic stunts and jumps. There’ll be singing, dancing, pirate games and even a treasure hunt for the kids while a pirate battle unfolds before your very eyes ending in fireworks. A three course meal and as much as you can drink is also included in your ticket.

Rhythms of the Night Boat Cruise

Be carried away by the setup of this boat trip for lovebirds, one of the most romantic boat cruises in Puerto Vallarta, especially designed for those under the spell of love. Couples and lovers will be taken to the quiet cove of Las Caletas where you will be entertained by an incredible pre-Hispanic show full of dancing, music, acrobatics and colorful costumes. After the unforgettable show, expect a love-filled dinner for two, lighted by a sweet scenting candle that sets the tone of the night. Rhythms of the Night is winner for romantic boat cruises in Puerto Vallarta.

Las Marietas Boat Cruises in Puerto Vallarta

This boat cruise heads towards one of best loved natural attractions on Banderas Bay: Las Marietas Islands. This adventure spot is a unique set of small islands that formed out of a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago and will serve as the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the commercial beaches. The cruise is one for the books because aside from the usual merry making activities of dancing, partying and music on board, you can find yourself in the company of humpback whales, manta rays and dolphins as they swim beside your sailing vessel. Upon reaching the islands, swim through a cave to reach a hidden paradise beach that is the signature feature of Las Marietas and spend time snorkeling and enjoying nature at its finest. This boat cruise is recommended for those seeking adventure on their vacation to Puerto Vallarta.

Las Animas Boat Cruise

Hitting two birds with one stone, Las Animas Boat Cruise takes you to two highly popular spots that boast natural beauty: The Los Arcos National Underwater National Park is a great spot for shallow diving and snorkeling, while Las Animas beach is great for some fun time and relaxation. Los Arcos is famed for its corals and colorful fish species that you can encounter while snorkeling, or simply enjoy the views as the boat cruise anchors here for a while. The next stop is the tranquil Las Animas. A place to enjoy total relaxation or engage in watersports like paddle boarding and kayaking. The fine yellow sand makes a great setting for beach volleyball games and sand castles, but if that’s not your thing, better to find a quiet spot and enjoy the beautiful views instead. Going back home to port means a new round of drinking, singing, dancing and partying to your heart’s content.

Princess Sunset Cruise

Its name says it all. If you long to see the sun setting over blue ocean waters, while having a sip of your favorite beverage, then the Princess Sunset Cruise is the one for you. A short two and a half hour cruise gives you a picturesque view of the night’s sky as you enjoy a twilight snack or a taste of your favorite liquor. While you can enjoy the calm of the upper deck, the lower deck is rocking with great music and a show that will captivate your imagination. The Princess Sunset Cruise exudes the creativity and uniqueness that all boat cruises in Puerto Vallarta should have.

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