Rent Your Timeshare – Owner Direct Rentals

Most people think about owning a timeshare and we often forget that we can also rent timeshare units from owners. This is a great option if you are thinking about purchasing a timeshare in the future as it will give you insight into how timeshare works as well as how easy it is to rent your timeshare.

What are the Advantages of Renting a Timeshare Unit Direct from Owner?

As the person looking to rent a timeshare accommodation for your vacation, the advantages that you will receive are related to the high quality and spaciousness of the unit. Most timeshare accommodations are much bigger than a hotel room and membership usually affords you further privileges.

The advantage of renting direct from the owner is that you will avoid rental agent fees or exchange agent fees, keeping the costs of your timeshare rental lower. The best situation is if you rent from someone you know or from a friend of a friend to be fully sure that you are getting a genuine deal.

If you are the owner of the timeshare, when you rent direct you will also get better returns on your unit and can have more say about who you are renting to. You may even choose to make direct contact with the renter via Skype and social media or decide only to rent to people in your hometown that you can then meet before deciding to rent your timeshare.

When to Rent your Timeshare

Renting your timeshare should never be seen as a money making scheme, rather the best time to rent your timeshare are on those occasions when you cannot use your unit. That way, you are making the best use of your investment. If you have inherited your timeshare, then renting a timeshare could make you money. Nowadays, some timeshares are donated to charities who then look to make money renting the units to raise money.

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