Rescission Period Rules for Timeshares in Mexico

Would you like to join a Mexican vacation club, so you and your family can enjoy great vacations together? Today’s timeshare and vacation club memberships in Mexico are a solid investment for many people. In Mexico, timeshares and vacation clubs come with many benefits, amenities, and perks that smart vacationers want. You should contact us at the Villa Group Resorts if you are searching for a timeshare ownership that provides their members with the highest level of quality accommodations, services and attention. The Villa Group Resorts have nine resort properties in the most popular destinations in Mexico. Would you also like to learn about our timeshare ownership cancellation policies? Vacation club memberships allow owners to cancel their membership legally during a set period of time in Mexico thanks to the rescission laws. Are you interested in learning about timeshare rescission laws in Mexico? If you would, then continue to read below to learn about rescission period rules for timeshares in Mexico.

Timeshare Rescission Laws in Mexico

An established time frame was designed for our new vacation club owners, which is known as rescission laws, and during that time there will be no penalties for owners who want to legally cancel their timeshare membership. New vacation club members are given a set time that typically lasts 5 to 14 days to think about their timeshare ownership decision, and the timeshare rescission period allows that. If you don’t want to keep your membership, then you can legally cancel it without having any legal issues at that time. Sellers and buyers are protected with the rescission laws. Rescission laws are only allowed in Mexico for vacation club memberships that were purchased from a reputable provider, and it doesn’t cover any resale purchases. It is very important that you know that the rescission laws are only provided for the people who bought their vacation club membership from a legit provider in Mexico. Therefore, you should always buy a timeshare membership from a genuine vacation club provider like the Villa Group.

Cancellation Policy for timeshare ownerships

Once the rescission period is over; you cannot cancel your timeshare ownership. It is very important that all of our new members think about their investment pros and cons. The rescission period will protect buyers by allowing them to cancel their vacation club membership without any issues in case they thought they made a bad purchase. The member will not be penalized if they cancel their membership during the rescission period. However, new vacation club members need to know that there are many scammers out there that prey on new timeshare members. They try to scam new members and take their money. Thankfully, you do know now that you can cancel your vacation club membership within the rescission period, and you don’t need to hire an attorney or any assistance. There are specific dates along with the details in your membership contract, and remember it doesn’t apply to timeshare resales. Make sure you only deal with a reputable provider such as the Villa Group, so you can avoid any issues.

What Happens After the Rescission Period Ends?

You are unable to legally cancel your timeshare ownership once the rescission period has passed. Remember, there are scammers out there that will tell you that they can cancel your membership even after the rescission period has passed, but they cannot legally do that for you. You could try to sell your timeshare membership yourself, or you can contact your existing provider to see if they can assist you with your membership. However, remember that you still have to pay all of your maintenance fees until another agreement is reached.

You have just read about the rescission period rules for timeshares in Mexico. The majority of vacation club members would never consider cancelling their membership, because they love having the best vacations in Mexico with their family. Are you interested in learning more information about the award-winning Villa Group Resorts to see if you qualify for one of our quality timeshare memberships? If you would, then contact us today, so you can schedule a presentation and tour of the property. Soon, you could be enjoying an unforgettable vacation in paradise at one of our nine incredible resorts!

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