Safe from Villa Group Scams

Read this to stay safe from Villa Group scams. With this advice, you won’t need to worry about Villa Group scams in Mexico and can enjoy your membership as you intended.

History of timeshare scams

When timeshare companies became popular in the eighties and nineties, it didn’t take scammers long to take advantage of this lucrative market, which had a derogatory effect on reputable timeshare companies like the Villa Group and its genuine competitors. However, with some simple advice, you can avoid timeshare scammers and stay safe from Villa Group scams.

Types of Villa Group Scams

The most common types of Villa Group scams that can affect both current Villa Group owners as well as potential buyers are: false representatives, resale scams, cancellation scams and rental scams.

  • False representatives: These are fake sellers that try to sell you a timeshare as though they were part of the Villa Group. The warning signs to avoid this kind of scam is if the representative takes you to a location other than a Villa Group resort to carry out the sales pitch.
  • Resale scams: These Villa Group scams involve agents who charge you a fee in order to sell your timeshare or an introduction fee to a non-existent buyer. Avoid this scam by only working with agents who earn commission rather than upfront fees. Another way this resale scam works is as a buyer. You may see a Villa Group timeshare for sale online for a great price, thinking that you are buying, say, 10 years membership when in fact there is only a year left, or the previous owner never kept up to date with their membership fees and therefore you cannot use the unit until you pay all the fees for previous years.
  • Cancellation scams: fake agents who claim to be able to cancel your timeshare contract charging high fees.
  • Rental scams: Like resale scams, some agencies will charge you upfront fees or introduction fees yet never deliver on their promise to rent your Villa Group timeshare week.

Are you at Risk of Villa Group Scams?

There is always a risk of a Villa Group scam, but you can minimize the scam if you only deal with the Villa Group. As mentioned earlier, anytime you deal with any other person or company other than the Villa Group you are at risk of a Villa Group scam. This is particularly important when you are purchasing a timeshare – only ever buy a Villa Group timeshare from the resort directly.

Is the Villa Group a Scam?

How can you know if the Villa Group itself is a scam? Firstly, the Villa Group has over thirty years of experience in the timeshare industry, and our reputation speaks for itself. We have been operating selling timeshares in different beach resort properties in Mexico for many years, opening new resorts and expanding our inventory regularly. We have the reputation and the history, so when you purchase your timeshare membership directly with the Villa Group, then you can be sure your membership is not a scam. There are so many wonderful benefits of being a Villa Group member, which includes personal experience, excellent destinations, amazing hotels and first class experiences. You are joining our Villa Group family where you are not just another number.

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