Sunny Vacation to Mexico

Taking regular sunny vacations to Mexico is a popular choice, especially among those visitors from Canada and the USA who seek out the sunshine but don’t want a long plane ride or higher costs. But did you know that a sunny vacation to Mexico could actually be very good for you in more ways than one?

  1. Can Improve your health
  2. Getting enough vitamin D has long been hailed as a factor in keeping healthy. Not only does vitamin D help in the body’s absorption of calcium, and therefore keep your bones strong, it is also known for aiding the immune system and reducing high blood pressure. What does this have to do with a vacation to Mexico, I hear you cry? Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin as it is produced by your skin when in contact with the rays from the sun. In Mexico’s top vacation destinations like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and Cabo San Lucas, you can expect between 280 and 310 sun-filled days to lounge on a beach. Get enough sun and you will be boosting your vitamin D intake and thus improving your health.

  3. Your skin will thank you!
  4. Visiting warm humid climates like those of Mexico’s coastal cities will act like a natural collagen boost for your skin. After a couple of days, your skin will plump out and you will glow like never before. If you are careful not to burn your skin, a light tan can also help to give your skin an extra blush without having to use makeup. Hot climates also mean that you are likely to be outdoors more breathing fresh air and drinking more water, which will flush out the toxins and help your skin’s condition and tone.

    Sunny Vacation to Mexico

  5. Travel makes you happier
  6. According to the International Society for Quality-of-life Studies “A relaxing vacation… can also boost vacationers’ happiness levels weeks and even months prior to its fruition.” That is, the anticipation of a vacation gives you hope and can boost your endorphin levels, while the actually vacation itself if sure to put a smile on your face. A change of scenery in a sunny location like Mexico goes a long way to helping people beat depression, and a sunny vacation can help sufferers of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) to increase their levels of serotonin with a break from the dark weather in winter.

  7. Relaxation
  8. On a vacation to Mexico, you are very likely to take time to fully relax and unwind and are less likely to be checking on emails and work related issues. Allowing your body to completely relax to beat stress and anxiety is a good way to keep you immune system on track. Many people also find they become more physically active on vacation in Mexico, swimming in the sea, kayaking and paddle boarding etc, which is also good to your health and a way to relax and exercise at the same time.

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