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Villa del Palmar Timeshare Reviews (2022)

Is it difficult for you to find a nice hotel that is affordable? Have you noticed that your friends always have amazing vacations and they get to stay at luxurious resorts that are affordable? With the rise of the cost of living, vacations and hotels will be more expensive. Have […]

Beware of Villa del Palmar Timeshare Scams?

Should you beware of Villa del Palmar timeshare scams? You should not worry about becoming a timeshare member with Villa del Palmar because Villa del Palmar is connected to the Villa Group Resorts, which has received numerous awards for their outstanding services and luxurious resorts. The Villa La Estancia, Villa […]

Why Stay at Villa del Palmar Cabo for a Golfing Trip

The Cabo golfing scene has been on the rise since the 1990’s and today Cabo is one of the top places in Mexico for golf. Thanks to golfing legend Jack Nicklaus, three world class golf courses have been constructed, and since then a number have followed suit, making Cabo a […]