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Pay for Services with Villa Group Timeshare Points

If you purchase a Villa Group Timeshare membership (otherwise known as Villa Preferred Access), then you will be able to use your club points to pay for services and meal plans (up to 60%), and this can be done with the Points Redemption Program. Villa Group Timeshare members are using […]

Using Villa Group Timeshare Points to Pay for Services

Among the numerous benefits of being a Villa Group member—apart from flexible and affordable access to luxury accommodation—is the points redemption program. This program gives you the ability to pay for services and privileges using your Villa Group timeshare points (Villa Preferred Access). What this means in practice is that […]

How to Spend your Villa Group Timeshare Points

Are you wondering how to spend your Villa Group Timeshare points? There are a variety of options for you to spend your Villa Group Timeshare points when making a reservation at your favorite Villa Group timeshare resort. You can use your Villa Group Timeshare points if you just want to […]