Thinking of Selling your Timeshare?

The topic of selling your timeshare is a frequent question on timeshare forums, although, pretty uncommon among Villa del Palmar timeshare owners. While selling your timeshare at a Villa del Palmar resort is possible and legal, most people are so happy with their timeshare that selling is a redundant concern.

Here are some reasons why selling your timeshare at Villa del Palmar is not a great idea:

Your Initial Investment Pays Off Over Time

The longer you have your timeshare and enjoy vacations at Villa del Palmar resort throughout Mexico, the more you see the fruits of your initial investment. The benefit of the timeshare model is that you are paying for accommodation at today’s prices so that, for example, when you take a vacation 5 years later and prices of vacation accommodations have risen, your investment really starts to pay off. By selling your timeshare, you lose out on these benefits, making a little profit but you really are no better off. The true benefit of a timeshare is to use it and enjoy it, then you see the true value!

Lose the Inspiration to Travel

Selling your timeshare at Villa del Palmar means that you lose the opportunity to stay in a variety of beach destinations throughout Mexico. An advantage of timeshare is that it encourages you to take vacations regularly; if you sell your timeshare you might find yourself missing vacation – owning a timeshare makes you more conscious of taking vacations.

Assess your Reasons for Selling your Timeshare

Before taking the leap of selling your timeshare, consider the reasons why you wish to sell. Maybe you feel you have outgrown your timeshare and wish to pass on to full ownership or fractional deeded purchases. If that is the case, you will be happy to know that Villa del Palmar’s operator and developer, The Villagroup also have full ownership and fractional properties for equity real estate purchases. If your reasons for selling your timeshare are because you cannot afford to take vacations due to a change of circumstance, renting is probably a better solution than selling until you get back on track with your finances. Likewise, if you wish to travel to other destinations in the world other than Mexico, you can use your timeshare week at a Villa del Palmar resort to swap for a selection of resorts worldwide through Interval International.

It makes very little sense to sell your timeshare at Villa del Palmar; however, if you are really set on selling, make sure you find a reliable agent and avoid paying any introduction or joining fees upfront.

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