Timeshare Blocked Week or Points?

For newcomers to timeshare, there can be some confusion over the difference between time share blocked weeks and points. The history behind the difference can be explained simply by referring to how time share began in the 1960s.

The emergence of time share came in response to offering people who like to take regular vacations the opportunity to own a second home in a top destination at an affordable price. The first time share models in the 60s simply divided the cost of full ownership into weeks and people would buy the rights to 1/52 of a property and take a vacation during the same week every year. From here came the fixed blocked time share week.

Variations on the fixed blocked week model came in the form or rotating weeks, that would shift a week forward or back every year, and floating weeks, where you could reserve a week within a specified wider time span, like a season or month. In all cases, time share buyers would purchase a week block and were also able to exchange that week for different locations around the world.

As the timeshare market became more sophisticated and people’s vacation needs evolved, the points system emerged to offer greater flexibility to owners. Programs such as Villa Preferred Access were developed to tailor time share vacation experiences to the requirements of each owner. In effect, you buy time share points equivalent to a week or more in a specific unit but can then mix and match your points according to the vacation you envisage every time.

Time share points are much more flexible, allowing you to divide your time into short periods, upgrade for a weekend or stay somewhere smaller for longer than a week. You can also exchange your points easily for other destinations around the world as they are easily translated into vacation club membership.

So, more often than not, the choice for modern vacation owners is towards the greater benefits of time share points as opposed to blocked weeks, although owning a fixed week over the Thanksgiving or the Christmas Holidays is still an attractive option for some. In many vacation clubs you can also bank your time share points for the following year to add towards a more luxurious unit.

The key difference between time share points and blocked weeks is flexibility and changing vacation needs. The best way to get the most out of your time share is to know what you want from your vacation and allow Villagroup to match your desires.

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