Time Share Lawyers & Attorneys

It is sometimes the case that you will need to consult legal advice when purchasing, owning or selling a time share, although in most cases there is no need for a lawyer or attorney. When purchasing a timeshare at Villa del Palmar, buyers have no cause for contracting a time share lawyer, unless they would like a specialist to revise the contract. In the case of Villa del Palmar timeshare contracts, all terms and conditions have been revised previously by a qualified time share lawyer.

Circumstances that may see you in need of a time share lawyer or attorney is in the event of a deliberate timeshare fraud or scam. As the Villagroup are a genuine company, is is very very unlikely that you will need to contract a lawyer or attorney for this purpose. However, in cases where buyers have been subject to a scam with other companies, one must collect all the data possible regarding the circumstance of the timeshare  scam, including contracts, promotional materials, correspondences etc. A time share lawyer or attorney will also be able to help you in any breach of contract by the timeshare operator.

Before deciding if you need a timeshare lawyer or attorney, it is worth noting the differences between the two terms. To call oneself a lawyer implies that you have been to law school and have a college degree in law. The qualification provides a grounding in law but does not mean the graduate can “practice” law. To represent a case in a court of law, you need to pass bar exams to quality as an attorney.

In the first instance, a genuine time share lawyer is a good option for guidance, although you should beware those companies that advertise as timeshare lawyers on forums and chatrooms as many are scams in and of themselves. If you need to take a timeshare case to court, then you are best advised to seek a real estate attorney with knowledge of time share rather than face a potential scam.


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