What to Know About Timeshare Cancellations

Has potentially cancelling your timeshare membership been on your mind lately? Before you do anything, you should read the valuable information below. All of the information provided below will answer any questions you may have about timeshare cancellations and possible repercussions that could come your way if you try to cancel your membership. The Villa Group value your business, and want to make sure you have all the information you need about your vacation ownership investment.

  • What Will Happen If I Cancel My Membership? The one very important thing that you should take from this article is that a timeshare membership cannot be cancelled once the cooling off period has passed. You may have a variety of reasons why you want to cancel your membership, but you have to remember that the contract that you signed is legal and if the cooling off period has passed, you don’t have the ability to cancel your membership. What can you do now? Instead of being upset about not having the ability to cancel your membership, you should start planning your first vacation and enjoy your investment. We have amazing resorts in the best locations in all of Mexico. You deserve time for yourself, so make sure you take advantage of your membership today. Remember, if any outside timeshare cancellation company tells you they can cancel your membership, you must remember that they cannot legally do that for you and are only trying to scam your hard earned money.
  • The Cooling Off Period is How Long? Usually, the cooling off period is around five to fourteen days after the contract has been signed. The cooling off period was created to protect both the timeshare members and the timeshare companies. The cooling off period will allow members to think about their purchase and commitment, and it will allow timeshare companies to be protected from members who are indecisive with their purchase. You should verify the cooling off period specific dates in the contract that you signed. After it has passed, then you will not be able to cancel. After the cooling off period has passed, we are able to then process the sale of your timeshare and to pay our sales agents their commissions.
  • What Happens After the Cooling Off Period is Over? Has your cooling off period passed? What can you do now? We can offer you a few helpful suggestions now that you totally understand that you cannot cancel your membership. The first thing that you can do is begin to start planning a vacation. Why not take advantage of all the exciting benefits that come with your membership? If you were fortunate to purchase your membership with the Villa Group, we are proud to be one of the most reputable timeshare companies with the best and most beautiful resorts in Mexico. Our resorts are found in top destinations including Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Riviera Nayarit, Loreto, and Puerto Vallarta. Not ready to vacation yet? Another thing you can do is you can just bank your timeshare points. Your timeshare points can be stored to be used for future vacations where you can get added amenities and services. Remember, regular maintenance fees will still need to be paid, but banking your points will allow you to have one of the best vacation getaways possible at the top resorts with the Villa Group.
  • Fraudulent Timeshare Cancellation Companies: You should know that there are timeshare cancellation companies out there that are complete frauds. They only want to scam our valued timeshare owners into thinking that they can actually cancel their contract for them. You know by reading your timeshare contract that it is not possible for them to do that. They will only take your money, bring stress to your life, and waste your time. You should never work with fraudulent timeshare cancellation companies.

You now have read what to know about timeshare cancellations. If your cooling off period has passed, then don’t get upset about it, but instead start enjoying the benefits your vacation ownership membership provides. Villa Group is pleased to operate numerous fantastic resorts, and you will quickly see that having a timeshare membership with us is the best investment you ever made. We hope that you can enjoy being part of the Villa Group family for years to come.
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