How Timeshare Can Affect a Destination

Some people love timeshare while others may be indifferent or ignore its benefits. People can say a lot of different things about timeshare, but one thing you cannot deny is the positive affect the industry can have on the local communities where timeshares operate. Communities that are dependent on tourism benefit greatly from timeshare; arguably, local communities benefit more from timeshare than hotels.

The following are just some of the positive effects that timeshare can have on a destination.

  • Positive promotion for the destination

Timeshare owners often grow to love the place where they own their membership and feel that they belong to their respective communities. As such, timeshare owners are more likely to share positive stories about their experiences in destinations with friends and family. The destination gains free publicity and helps to raise the profile of the location.

  • Visitors stay for longer periods of time

Because of the comfort and fun experienced in these world-class destinations, timeshare owners tend to stay for longer time periods in their chosen destinations.

  • Benefits of having more affluent visitors

Before a prospective owner buys a timeshare, he or she must prove a certain level of income. Therefore, timeshare owners tend to be more affluent, thus bringing greater purchasing power to the region. Timeshare owners will then spend more on restaurants, local services, and other items.

  • Repeat tourism

Another awesome benefit of timeshare in a destination is that it encourages tourists to return to the same communities, helping the area to become more economically stable by providing a regular influx of spending. When this happens, the necessities of the destination in terms of infrastructure and services are more predictable.

  • Brings more jobs

Due to the various jobs required in a timeshare destination, people can take advantage of many positions including sales staff, executives, service staff, architects, construction workers, and more. An area where jobs are plentiful also makes for a destination with lower levels of crime and greater security.

  • Generates taxes

The great number of people flocking to the timeshare community results to taxes that will benefit the local economy. The outcome is more improvement in services and infrastructure. Tax generation also extends to VAT and income tax from earnings of those working in the timeshare industry.

  • Doesn’t take trade from regular hotels

The two industries actually complement one another instead of competing against each other. Hotels serve clients who do not visit more than once or twice. Those who are returning to their timeshare destinations are not the same people whom the hotels will target.

  • Involves Local Community

Most timeshare owners are more likely to spend money in the local community’s stores, restaurants, and other recreation sites. Timeshares are not traditionally all-inclusive, although some would choose to have all-inclusive ownership.

  • Maintains Occupancy

Timeshare provides a consistent level of occupancy, benefiting other branches of the tourism industry like car rentals, travel agencies, restaurants, and other local trades.
Indeed, the timeshare contributes positive results on a community. You can be part of this too!

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