Where is the Timeshare Industry Going in 2022

2022 is set to be an exciting year for the vacation club and timeshare industry, with some challenges ahead that are sure to bring greater client satisfaction in the long run. Not only has the world seen leaps and bounds in terms of technology but we are also changing the way that we travel as well as our expectations. 2022 will also be a pivotal moment for the timeshare industry as the United States transitions from one political administration, heralding changes that are sure to have some effect on the timeshare industry at large.

High Level Servicing

Traditionally the vacation ownership market has been associated with service levels that are more akin to business travel and mid-range hospitality; however, over recent years, it has become clear the market is seeking ever higher levels of luxury, where pampering, extraordinary service and that “wow” factor are essential elements. At Villa Group Timeshare, we are dedicated to focusing on this aspect of our services, seeking to evolve the ways that we provide services for our members to create vacations that truly break the mold. We aim to make 2022 a great year for member satisfaction.

From Experiences to Self Realization

During 2015 and 2016, the timeshare industry saw a clear shift towards providing experiences for visitors, not just amazing accommodations. In 2022, the Villa Group can see how this trend will continue further as more people seek vacations that promote self-realization and transformation. Our goal at the Villa Group Timeshare is to find ways that we can achieve that goal year on year for our members as they return to their home away from home.

Smart Phones and Technology

The timeshare industry must move with the times too in terms of technology, which is why you will find greater communication with members through social networks, blogs and email communication. Social media is a great way to keep in touch with your home resort and those within the group even when you are back home. Technology is great for making the Villa Group family more united.

The Effects of US politics on timeshare industry in 2022?

In light of recent political changes in the United States, 2022 will certainly continue to raise important questions about the direction of the timeshare industry and tourist related business. The potential changes in key policies in the US could have an impact on timeshare markets, and whether that impact is positive, is sure to be a topic for debate in 2022.

What do you hope to see happening in the timeshare industry in 2022?

Leave your comments and let us know what will inspire you to travel to Villa Group’s resorts this year.

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