Timeshare Upgrades: Avoid a Scam

Would you like to know more information about how you can get the most out of your investment if you have just purchased a Villa Group timeshare? The timeshare membership level that you have will determine if an upgrade will benefit you. Upgrading your timeshare will generally provide you with added flexibility than just the standard membership. Continue to read below to learn about timeshare upgrades and how to avoid a scam.

Timeshare Membership and Varying Levels

Each vacation ownership provider has their own timeshare membership levels. Sometimes, people will see existing owners complaining about difficulties booking their vacations at their unit, but this could be because the owners simply have a lower level of their membership. Members who have a low timeshare level will quickly see that popular units and dates are just not available as they have been booked for the remainder of this year and next year, too. Are you having a hard time scheduling your vacation time at your timeshare? Don’t think about just canceling your timeshare which may or may not be possible. Instead, you may want to consider doing an upgrade level with your existing vacation ownership membership as this will provide you with added flexibility and status.

New Timeshare Members Scheduling Difficulties

If you are a new timeshare member and you are having scheduling difficulties for your very first vacation, then you may see that the popular units have already been pre-booked for this year and the early part of next year. This shouldn’t alarm you and make you think that you are a victim of a timeshare scam. As soon as you have the chance to book your vacation, you should start! Beware of any timeshare cancellation companies who try to convince you into cancelling your membership. They are scammers. They will charge you an upfront fee that is very large, then they will disappear without helping you. When you have any difficulties or issues you should contact your personal and current vacation club provider, and maybe you should upgrade your membership to another level so you can have improved chances to book the popular units and dates for your vacations.

Facts About Timeshare Upgrades

Many times the best timeshare solution for new members who are wanting to get the most from their vacation investment is with a membership upgrade. A membership upgrade will provide you with more choices and flexibility, but you should only upgrade with your existing vacation club provider. You should contact your current provider and ask what upgrades are available for you. You should never go to a sales presentation with another timeshare company, because you just may end up unknowingly buying a second membership instead of an easy upgrade. Some existing members have made this mistake in the past just because another outside company influenced them. Many timeshare providers also provide a point system with their membership. The points will allow their members to plan better vacations. If you want the best vacation club membership level, then a timeshare upgrade is your answer.
In conclusion, a timeshare upgrade is a wonderful way to get the most out of your vacation time. You can completely avoid a timeshare scam by only dealing with your existing and reputable provider. Stay away from third party timeshare providers as they are not able to cancel your membership. This is a scam. Always stick and work with your current timeshare provider to upgrade your membership. Your vacation investment will be the best.
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